South Dakota: Regional Sheep Producer’s Forum set for March 17 in Brookings |

South Dakota: Regional Sheep Producer’s Forum set for March 17 in Brookings

BROOKINGS, SD – The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service will host the 2011 Regional Sheep Producer’s Forum on March 17.

The event takes place at the South Dakota State University Sheep Unit, 1.25 miles north of campus on Medary Avenue (County Road 77.) The free event begins at 11:30 a.m. with registration, lunch, a “meet-and-greet” event, and a tour of the sheep unit.

The forum’s speakers will focus on industry perspectives, predator control, promotion of the sheep industry, threats to the industry, current issues in flock health, and a hands-on evaluation of finished lamb.

Speakers include Extension Sheep Specialist Jeff Held and SDSU Sheep Unit manager Robert Zelinsky, along with Extension Livestock Educators Tracey Renelt and Jim Krantz. In addition, SDSU veterinary and biomedical sciences professor Larry Holler and SDSU Department of Animal and Range Sciences head Clint Rusk will share their ideas with participants. Brad Baumgartner, a trapper with the state of South Dakota, is also part of the day’s agenda. The program will end at approximately 4 p.m.

In addition to the South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service, sponsors who are making the forum possible include Sydell, Inc., D&D Crop Insurance, Volga Ag Center, the South Dakota Sheep Growers Association, Sinai Cooperative Elevator, Badger Farmers Co-op Elevator, CorTrust Bank, Premier 1, Mid-States Wool Cooperative, and the Pipestone Veterinary Clinic.

The event is open to all and anyone with special needs can call organizers Tracey Renelt, Jim Krantz, or Jeff Held to arrange for accommodations. Reach Renelt at 605-854-3851; Krantz at 605-772-4661; or Held at 605-688-5433.

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