South Dakota Stockdog Association grants wishes for kids fighting illnesses |

South Dakota Stockdog Association grants wishes for kids fighting illnesses

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The South Dakota Stockdog Association will hold a benefit auction to raise funds for South Dakota Make-A-Wish on February 1st , during the North American Sheepdog trials at Black Hills Stock Show. A started Border Collie will be sold at approximately 5:00 p.m., before the Semi-Finals of the North American Sheepdog Trials, at the Kjerstad Center in Rapid City.

The Border Collie is donated by John Knippling of Gann Valley. The dog is a 14 month-old female named Sis. Sis has received 45 days of training, which was donated by Kelly Jackson of Lane. In an effort to raise additional funds for Make-A-Wish, Kelly Jackson has also committed an additional 30 days of training, free of charge, if the dog is purchased for $1,500 or more. This is the fifth time a dog has been donated to raise funds for South Dakota Make-A-Wish.

Spectators will also have the opportunity to see past dogs purchased through the Make-A-Wish auction compete at the dog trials at the Black Hills Stock Show. The 2017 BHSS Make-A-Wish dog will be competing with owner Frank Beiberly. So far, the South Dakota Stock Dog Association has donated over $8,000 to South Dakota Make-A-Wish, helping grant wishes to local children in need.

To learn more about the Border Collie, Sis, call Tim Naasz at (605)207-0229.

2018 North American Sheep Dog Trials Schedule

11 a.m. Sheep Dog Trial Prelims

5:00 p.m. Stockdog Make-A-Wish Benefit Auction

5:00 p.m. Sheep Dog Trial Semi-Finals

6:45 p.m. Touchstone Energy Safety Seminar

7:00 p.m. Mutton Bustin’

7:45 p.m. Sheep Dog Finals with Sheep Teepeeing

*All events held at Kjerstad Center on the Central State Fairgrounds located at 800 San Francisco St, Rapid City, SD 57701.

South Dakota Stockdog Association is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals that breed and train working stockdogs in South Dakota. Membership is open to all breeds of dogs and their handlers. For more information visit

–South Dakota Stockdog Association

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