South Dakota strayed and stolen list |

South Dakota strayed and stolen list

Charles/Louise Kerstiens (Spruce Hill Ranch brand) - right shoulder/rib.

The South Dakota Brand Board will pay up to $5,000.00 reward to any person who provides information leading to the conviction of any person for the crime of stealing livestock which are branded with a registered brand with the board. Please contact them with any questions.

• Eriksen Farms are missing 13 Black//BWF/Baldy Spayed Angus Heifers from TJ Knutson Ranch out of Tripp County, 19 miles N and 7 miles W from Winner. Eriksen Farm c/o Tim Eriksen, 411 Yutan Rd, Boelus, NE 68820, 402-613-8789.

• Daryl Biers is missing 3 head of Black Angus cattle from Pennington County, seven miles NW of Scenic. They are a two year old pair with a yellow tag in the right ear, # 477, the other is a calf #105. Darryl Biers, PO Box 35, Scenic SD 57780, 605-484-2442.

• Landers Livestock Co are missing three spayed heifers from pasture out of Fall River County, S of Twin Buttes near Oelrichs. Landers Livestock Co Inc., 29088 Ash Creek Rd, Hot Springs, SD 57747, 605-745-5746.

• Charles/Louise Kerstiens is missing two black Angus bulls from Dewey County, four miles S of Firesteel. They are two–three years old, have green/white eartags and weigh about 1,700 lb.

• Steve Olinger is missing eight black Angus cross calves from Phil Freeze Ranch out of Butte County. Steve Olinger, 12241 Vallery Rd, Nisland, SD 57762, 605-210-1045.

• Colby Shearer is missing a two year old Quarter Horse Gelding from Pennington County, N of Wall on the Cheyenne River. He is a light bay with blaze, stockings and has a blemish on the front cannon bone. Colby Shearer, 22025 Trask Rd, Wall, SD 57790, 605-685-8604.

• Ross Nielsen is missing twelve calves from Sonny Farmer Ranch out of Todd County, about five miles SW of Mission. The calves are either black/black baldy or red/red baldy and have white ear tags with name and number. The steers have tags in right ear and heifers have tag in left ear. Ross Nielsen, 28757 226th St, Draper, SD 57531, 605-280-2909.

• Richard Kieffer is missing three head of Red Angus cattle from Meade County, about 19 miles W of Sturgis. One is a steer about 800 lbs, the other is an older Charolais cross cow about 1,400 lbs and they both have the first brand. He is also missing one bull calf about 800 lbs with the second brand. Richard Kieffer, 14555 Hamlet Pl, Sturgis, SD 57785, 605-347-0119.

Rod Hoffman is missing one Black Angus Bull from Harding County up around the Cave Hills N of Buffalo. The bull is about 2,100 lbs and has a Colorado brand also. Rod Hoffman, 11644 Valley 1 Rd, Belle Fourche, SD 57717, 605-892-2225.

–SD Brand Board

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