SD woman to serve on IBCA board |

SD woman to serve on IBCA board

Deb Brown, Camp Crook, S.D., was elected as one of two new directors for the Irish Black® Cattle Association (IBCA). Brown’s election to a two-year term occurred at the IBCA annual meeting held in Oklahoma City, Okla., November 12, 2016.

Along with husband Larry Licking, she owns Long Pines Land & Livestock, located in the extreme northwest corner of South Dakota. They purchased their first Irish Black bull in 2008 from breed founder Maurice Boney, during their quest to improve their own herd with cattle that are efficient, thrive in extreme conditions, yet produce quality beef desired by today’s consumer. Brown has a son, Sterling, who is also active on the ranch.

A South Dakota native, Brown is a familiar face in the agriculture industry, as she grew up on the nation’s largest purebred Rambouillet sheep ranch. She graduated from South Dakota State University and continued her education at Oklahoma State University.

Leadership comes naturally to Brown. She has served as executive director of two non-profit organizations, is a Harding County Commissioner and since 1994, has served as CEO/Administrator of Preferred Home Health Inc., which pioneered at-home healthcare in rural communities.

Irish Black and Irish Red® cattle were developed in the 1960s and 1970s to carry genetically dominant traits desired by the U.S. beef industry. Irish Black and Irish Red cattle are well-balanced in conformation and offer superior performance suited for efficiently and consistently producing quality beef. The IBCA was established in 2013. For more information about the association and breed, visit

Long Pines Land & Livestock, based in northwestern South Dakota and southeastern Montana, continues to build its herd of genetically-tested registered Irish Black and Irish Red cattle. Recently, the ranch began offering for sale bulls, heifers, semen and embryos. The ranch also has a commercial cattle herd and is the home of Northern Plains Performance Horses, which have a successful record in reined cow horse competition but are first and foremost proven ranch horses. For more information, visit the ranch’s new website at


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