Sow Numbers up by 15,000 in South Dakota |

Sow Numbers up by 15,000 in South Dakota

Sow numbers in South Dakota are up by 15,000, according to the March 25, 2016 USDA’s Hogs and Pigs Report.

“This is the first time since 1995 that the USDA has reported 190,000 sows in the breeding herd inventory for South Dakota,” said Bob Thaler, Professor & SDSU Extension Swine Specialist.

Using a conservative number of 25 pigs born to each sow in a year, Thaler said the additional 15,000 sows will produce 375,000 pigs annually.

He added that the additional market hogs will have a positive impact on other areas of South Dakota agriculture, as they will consume more than 3.5 million bushels of corn and 21,356 tons of soybean meal.

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SDSU iGrow Pork now features Dr. Mike Brumm’s commentary on the quarterly USDA’s Hogs and Pigs Report.

Brumm is an internationally recognized swine expert, and a very familiar name to producers in South Dakota and the Upper Midwest. After a 27-year career at the University of Nebraska as an Extension Swine Specialist and Professor of Animal Science, Brumm opened Brumm Swine Consultancy, Inc in North Mankato, Minn., in September 2006.

To read Dr. Brumm’s commentary and to see more state and national data, visit

–SDSU Extension

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