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Spend some time with the youngsters before school starts up again

The days are definitely getting shorter. That means school will be starting soon for many of your children or grandchildren. We all understand how important education is for the future. At no time in the history of agriculture has technology increased more rapidly. Before we send our offspring to school, we old dogs have a chance to learn some new tricks.

August offers us all a chance to spend time with our friends and neighbors. The field work is caught up until we begin silage cutting and harvest. Many have already preconditioned calves for fall and some have ultra-sounded mama cows and now know the success of your artificial insemination program.

This week was our county fair. It is not what it was fifty years ago, but it is still a chance to share ideas with neighbors and friends. Old timers sit on the bleachers and watch the young showmen display their projects. Sure they talk about the kids and livestock, but they also share ideas and trends in grain and hay and livestock production.

Regional fairs and farm shows draw larger crowds and give more diversity. Machinery companies understand the importance of these shows and have all of the new equipment on display and plenty of staff in hand to answer your questions. The seed and chemical companies have also risen to the marketing challenge. Millions of dollars are spent on research to increase yields and maintain the potential of the land. Although not as heavily advertised, dollars are also spent in livestock production. The state fair culminates the fair circuit on a statewide basis.

I have been involved with Dakotafest in Mitchell for the last few decades. It has been a great experience for me, allowing me to meet beef producers from all over the state and in neighboring states. Through the years we have talked about Beef Quality Assurance programs, new products and demonstrated working chutes and facilities. This year we have decided to try a more educational approach.

Education has always been the backbone of Dakotafest. This year we will continue the chute demos at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. We will be processing calves highlighting the features of each individual chute. We will also have sales representatives highlighting their products.

Stop by the Livestock Demo Tent and catch a chute demo if you are contemplating new equipment. Then sit on the bleachers and enjoy a free lunch while you learn about new technologies. Hey, I’ll bring you lunch and you can listen rather than stand in line and wait for a steak sandwich. That sounds like a win, win, sit-down, free lunch, education. Watch for listing of speakers and topics to assure you are able to learn what you want to hear.

We all learn every day. I’ll buy the lunch and facilitate the education. Stop by at Dakotfest for your free apple and share your knowledge with us. See you there!