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Spring Picnic Marketbasket Survey

Spring Pic

Items showing retail price (national average) increases from a year ago included:

-sirloin tip roast, up 14 percent to $5.71 per pound

-ground chuck, up 12 percent to $4.61 per pound

-orange juice, up 7 percent to $3.47 per half-gallon

-toasted oat cereal, up 7 percent to $3.12 for a 9-ounce box

-deli ham, up 6 percent to $5.53 per pound

-eggs, up 4 percent to $2.05 per dozen

-shredded cheddar cheese, up 3 percent to $4.59 per pound

-potatoes, up 2 percent to $2.74 for a 5-pound bag

These items showed modest retail price decreases compared to a year ago:

-flour, down 9 percent to $2.52 for a 5-pound bag

-bacon, down 8 percent to $4.44 per pound

-apples, down 8 percent to $1.47 per pound

-chicken breast, down 7 percent to $3.28 per pound

-whole milk, down 6 percent to $3.45 per gallon

-vegetable oil, down 6 percent to $2.67 for a 32-ounce bottle

-bagged salad, down 5 percent to $2.47 per pound

-white bread, down 3 percent to $1.75 per 20-ounce loaf

Price checks of alternative milk and egg choices not included in the overall marketbasket survey average revealed the following: 1/2 gallon regular milk, $2.24; 1/2 gallon organic milk, $4.47; and one dozen “cage-free” eggs, $3.57.

–American Farm Bureau Federation

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