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Spruce Hill Ranch combined advantage – Angus and SimAngus sale

Dan Piroutek
Courtesy photo Jim & Vicky Wilkinson, of Reva, SD, enjoying the day during the 2012 Spruce Hill Angus Ranch sale.

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Sale: Spruce Hill Ranch combined advantage – Angus and SimAngus sale

Date: Feb. 8, 2012

Location: Bowman Auction Market (MT)

Auctioneer : Lynn Weishaar

Averages: 58 Angus two-year-old bulls – $4,729; Nine SimAngus two-year-old bulls – $4,250; 29 SimAngus yearling bulls – $3,663; 96 Total bulls – $4,359; 10 half blood SimAngus heifers – $2,150; 25 SimAngus heifers – $1,135; Six registered Angus heifer calves – $1,550; 35 commercial Angus heifers – $1,050.

People came from all directions, making the biggest crowd ever at the annual production sale for Spruce Hill Angus, owned by Chad and Bill Rotenberger and their families.

This was the first offering of two-year-old Angus bulls by S Chisum 6175, and they were received well. In fact, this whole offering of two-year-old bulls were swept up quickly by this big crowd. There were also folks who waited for the SimAngus yearling portion of the sale, and these bulls were some of the highest sellers of the day.

Top selling two-year-old Angus bull was Lot 1, selling for $8,500 to Jerry and Larry Lambourn, L Double Bar Ranch, Rhame, ND. This bull was sired by S Chisum 6175, and out of a dam by Boyd New Day 8005. He was an extra deep-sided bull with volume throughout. With an 82 pound birth weight, he weaned at 744 pounds, ratio: 108. His yearling weight was 1218 pounds, ratio: 115. He also measured a 42 centimeter. scrotal. His EPDs were BW 2.6, WW 60, Milk 26 and YW 109.

Lot 54 was a very popular bull, sired by Lemar Windy 400 U, and out of a daughter of Fairview Foresight 4105. This was a long bodied, thick-made bull that had the real Angus look. His EPDs were BW -0.3, WW 51, Milk 22 and YW 81. Born at 64 pounds, he weaned at 708 pounds. He sold for $7,250 to Mike Mastel, Marmarth, ND.

Chuck Kersteins, Isabel, SD, bought Lot 46 for $6,500. He was sired by Lemar Windy 400U and had a 70 pound birth weight. He weaned at 702 pounds and posted a yearling weight ratio of 110.

Boyd Ellingson, Shadehill, SD, bought Lot 48 at $6,000. Another son of Lemar Windy 400U, he had a 65 pound birth weight before weaning at 773 pounds His yearling weight ratio was 112.

The gavel fell at $6,000 with Gilbert Angus ranch, Buffalo, SD, buying Lot 4. The son of S Chisum 6175 had EPDs of BW 3.4, WW 50, Milk 25 and YW 94.

The SimAngus are functional hybrid bulls that work in pastures, keep their condition, and breed for meat and muscle.

The top selling SimAngus two-year-old bull was Lot 61, selling for $6,250, to Trevor Steeke, Rhame, ND. This bull was a son of JF Net Merit.

The top selling SimAngus yearling bull was Lot 88, also from the JF Net Merit line, selling for $6,750 to John Kosteledy, Dickinson, ND.

The top selling female was Lot 104, a SimAngus yearling heifer selling for $5,000 to Cory Blaser, Dickinson, ND.

It was a great sale for the Rotenberger family. The beef stew and chili before the sale were delicious, but that steak right after the sale sent me home with a smile.

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