Standardbred Full Circle program reaches 1,000 horse mark |

Standardbred Full Circle program reaches 1,000 horse mark

COLUMBUS, OH – Standardbred owners are taking advantage of a no cost, no obligation U.S. Trotting Association (USTA) program that helps to connect horses in need of a new home with their breeder, former owners, trainers, drivers, caretakers or any other interested individual. The program, called Full Circle, is modeled after a well received initiative by the world’s largest equine registry – the American Quarter Horse Association.

To date, over 1,000 horses have been identified by past connections who want to be contacted in the event that horse becomes unwanted or inconvenient by their current owner.

The concept is simple: Any individual who wants to enroll a horse and name themselves as a contact can give that information to the USTA to have their name put into the Full Circle registry for as many horses as they wish. If a subsequent owner no longer wants the horse for any reason, they can check to see if that horse has been enrolled in “Full Circle” and if so, request contact information for the person that enrolled the horse.

Those two people are then welcome to work out any arrangement that suits them; the USTA has no stake or influence in the outcome. Such arrangements may include taking back ownership of the horse, permanently or temporarily, helping with expenses for the horse long or short term, helping with pleasure horse training or any mutually agreed upon plan. The person enrolling the horse also has the option to do nothing – and can remove their name from that horse’s database information.

“The response to this program, still in the very early stages, has been excellent,” said Janet Terhune, the USTA’s registrar. “It’s cost free, and a great way to ensure that former connections of a horse can have a hand in ensuring a safe, productive outcome for a horse that is no longer commercially viable.”

Those interested in registering for the Full Circle program can visit, for an enrollment and information form and mail to the USTA at 750 Michigan Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215. For more information, contact Terhune at 614-224­2291, Ext. 3240, or by e-mail at