State vet reminds producers to check travel requirements |

State vet reminds producers to check travel requirements

As producers gear up to move livestock to pastures for spring and summer grazing, Nebraska State Veterinarian Dr. Dennis Hughes reminds producers of their responsibilities when moving animals across state lines.

“It is the producers’ responsibility to make sure they are following the import requirements of the destination state,” said Hughes. “I would suggest that producers call ahead to ensure they are meeting the state’s animal health requirements, as well as federal animal disease traceability requirements.”

To make that process easier for branded cattle traveling between Nebraska and South Dakota brand areas for grazing, Hughes announced the two states have developed a cooperative interstate commuter / grazing agreement.

The agreement will allow producers to submit paperwork and receive a yearly permit to transport branded cattle between Nebraska and South Dakota brand areas. The 2014 permit will be valid for 180 days, and will use the registered herd brand, as well as the individual farm tag information, as identification for the animals. However, producers will not need to individually identify each animal on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) for movement under this commuter grazing agreement.

According to Hughes, after January 1, 2015, producers will need to get a new permit and, it will be required that each animal have an official identification device that meets the Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) requirements. Producers will still be able to move animals under a brand for grazing, but the official identification information will not be needed on the CVI.

“We understand that producers have struggled to meet the ADT compliance requirements,” said Hughes. “We are hopeful that the agreement we have established for this year will assist producers during the grazing season, while allowing them an opportunity to prepare to meet the ADT requirements in 2015.”

Those interested in learning more about the permit process should contact the Nebraska State Veterinarian’s office at (402) 471-2351.

–Neb. Dept. of Agriculture