Stout Charolais Ranch 31st Annual Production Sale |

Stout Charolais Ranch 31st Annual Production Sale

Jerry Stout with Auctioneer Jeff Long.

Stout Charolais brought 50 of their best yearling Charolais bulls to Philip Livestock for their annual production sale. The Stout Charolais bulls have long been noted for their muscle and growth. Jerry and Annie have worked very hard in their genetic search to improve the disposition of these bulls, and also to lower the birth weights.

I felt that this year’s set of bulls came closer to their breeding goals than any set that they have brought to town. These bulls were excellent in their disposition, muscle, and IMT scores. They also offered a group of bulls that could be used on yearling heifers.

The Stout bulls are not pushed for gain, and consequently, they are much stouter and bolder when they are delivered after the 1st of May.

There are many Charolais cross calves sold through Philip Livestock Auction, and many are sired by Stout bulls.

The top selling bull of the day was Lot 11, SCR Easy Pro 937. He was a smooth, polled son of LT Easy Pro 1158 PLD, and out of a daughter of LT Easy Gust 2027 PLD. He had extra performance with a weaning weight index of 115, and a yearling weight index of 113. His EPDs were +0.1 BW, +37 WW, +57 YW, +14 MILK, and +32 MTNL. Scanning a 15.25 sq. in. rib eye, this good bull sold for $3,100 to long time repeat buyer, Bob Cerney from Philip, SD.

Kalvin Eisenbraun of Philip chose one of the top calving ease bulls in the sale in Lot 7 for $3,000. He was SCR Silver Mile 920, a son of LT Silver Distance 5342P, and he had an 82 pound birth weight. He weaned at 746 pounds before posting a yearling weight of 1,232 pounds to ratio 110. His EPDs were -2.8 BW, +38 WW, +59 YW, +8 MILK, and +27 MTNL. A REA index of 102 and an IMF index of 112 completed his stats.

Adam Johnson from Cody, NE bought Lot 8 for $2,800. This son of LT Silver Distance 5342P weaned at 680 pounds to ratio 106. His yearling weight of 1,229 pounds reflected a yearling weight ratio of 110.

Repeat buyers Leheska Farms from Chamberlain, SD made Lot 14 their top selection. Another son of LT Easy Pro 1158 PLD, he was out of a daughter of ASC Eliminator 032. He had a 90 pound birth weight and a weaning weight of 687 pounds to ratio 108.

Tucker Smith from Philip, SD purchased Lot 16 at $2,400. This son of SCR Sir Duke 563 had EPDs of +0.9 BW, +36 WW, +56 YW, and +10 MILK.

Lot 13 sold to Allen Badure from Belvidere for $2,400. He was a big, long bull, sired by LT Thundering Wind. He had ratios of 104 at weaning and 108 as a yearling.

The gavel fell at $2,400 with Ross Williams of Philip, now owning Lot 25. This bull had weaned at 740 pounds to ratio 116, and had a yearling weight of 1,231 pounds to ratio 110.

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