Stout Charolais Ranch 35th Annual Production Sale |

Stout Charolais Ranch 35th Annual Production Sale

Casey Bachand, Philip, S.D.

Date: Feb. 18, 2014

Location: Philip Livestock Auction, Philip, S.D.

Auctioneer: Jeff Long

Reported by: Dan Piroutek

Average: 69 ylg bulls – $3,851

Jerry and Annie Stout and their family hosted an extra-big crowd for their annual Charolais Bull Sale. I believe this was the best sale ever for the Stout family. These bulls were not overfed and were presented in their natural look. The Stout cattle are bred for extra muscle and body, and they sire calves that exhibit that muscle.

Many of the top selling Charolais-cross calves sold at Philip Livestock are sired by Stout Charolais Bulls. The Stouts keep the bulls free until the 1st of May and deliver them free of charge, along with their first year breeding guarantee. The bulls are fed a high roughage growing ration to ensure soundness and longevity. They have complete production and ultrasound data on each bull.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 15, selling for $8,750 to Mike and Danni Beer, Keldon, S.D. He was a son of LT Ledger, and out of a daughter of LT Thundering Wind. He has EPDs of BW 0.1, WW 44, YW 80, MILK 5, TM 27, and SC 1.3. He had a 90 lb. birth weight, and a weaning weight of 743 lb. to ratio 116. His yearling weight of 1,276 lb. ratioed 121. With a REA of 14.1” sq. in., he had an IMF ratio of 136.

Lot 7 sold for $7,250 to long-time repeat buyer Bob Cerney, Kadoka, S.D. This son of LT Continental 0073P was out of a daughter of SCR Wyoming Wind 5124. Born at 90 lb., he posted a weaning weight of 696 lbs. and a yearling weight of 1,157 lbs. to ratio 110. He had EPDs of BW -1.4, WW 36, YW 64, MILK 3, and TM 21.

Jeff and Deann Barber, Enning, S.D., chose Lot 55 at $7,000. Here was a son of LT Easy Pro 1158 Pld, with EPDs of BW -1.6, WW 25, YW 38, MILK 17 and TM 30. He had a 90 lb. birth weight and a weaning weight of 701 lb. to ratio 109. His yearling weight of 1,299 lb. was a ratio of 123.

Tucker Smith, Philip, S.D., bought Lot 39 at $6,750. This son of SCR Wind Power 8166 was out of a daughter of SCR Sir Duke 563, and had EPDs of BW 1.6, WW 46, YW 76, MILK 9, TM 32. He weaned at 754 lb. to ratio 117 and had a yearling weight of 1328 lbs. to ratio 126.

Lot 47 sold for $6,750 to repeat buyer Adam Johnson, Cody, Neb. He was a son of LT Ledger and had a 90 lb. birth weight. He weaned at 701 lb. and yielded a yearling weight of 1,267 lb. to ratio 121.

This was a very good day for the Stout family. In addition to the record-setting crowd, most of their children were home for the sale.


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