Strayed or stolen cattle |

Strayed or stolen cattle

Reported on December 23, 2015

COLORADO (Cimarron) – November 26, 2015 – Colorado Brand Board, 303-869-9160

13 head bred heifers, weighing 800-900 pounds, black or red, 1 to 2 years, lazy S three bar stacked brand on right rib, notches bottom of both ears.

OKLAHOMA (Carter County) – December 17, 2015 — Oklahoma Dept of Ag, 405-850-9369

7 head black or black with some white on face steers, 625# average weight with PF branded on left hip. Brand is sideways facing up or down. May have ear tags with POK printed on tag with a number. Tags may be any color

CALIFORNIA — California Dept of Ag, 916-900-5006

Arvin, 12/12/15 – 1 blk & white, bull calf, 4 mos, 400#, J brand left hip, 9 goats with black face, J brand on inside of rear left leg are also missing.

Escalon, 12/14/15 – 2 blk, grey, heifers, 8 mos, 438#, dL connected brand left rib

Tulare, 12/17/15 – 1 Holstein, bull calf, 1 month, 75#, not branded, metal ear tag #270765

–Livestock Marketing Association

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