Strayed or stolen livestock |

Strayed or stolen livestock

Reported Nov. 6, 2015


Roger Mills County – Nov. 2, 2015 – Oklahoma Dept of Ag, 405-650-8982

6 black bred cows, weighing 1,000-1,200 pounds, may have eartags. Cows have a JT brand (side by side with T lower than J) on left hip.

Pittsburg County – Oct. 25, 2015 – Oklahoma Dept of Ag, 405-650-8982

9 head black Angus cattle: 5 heifers, 4 steers, weighing approx. 500-550 pounds; steers did not have a brand, had white tag in left ear; heifers had yellow tag in left ear, DT (with the T running through the spine of the D) brand left hip

KANSAS (Lincoln County) – Kansas Brand Recorder, 785-564-6609

1 cow, 4-8 years, Angus or black baldie, yellow LT ear tag w #; 2 spring calves, yellow LT ear tag w # and JK above it; K slash brand left hip

CALIFORNIA – California Dept of Ag, 916-900-5006

Santa Maria, 4/1/2015 – 5 blk, grey cows, 5 yrs, 1000#, orange eartags; 3 blk grey hfrs, 4 mos, 500#; all have 00G brand left hip

Arcata, 10/1/2015 – 1 blk steer, 20 mos, 1000#; 2 blk heifers, 20 mos, 1000#; all have 9 triangle brand right hip

Sattley, 10/2/2015 – 2 blk cows, 4 yrs, 1050#; 1 blk calf, 9 mos, 550#, blue eartag, if steer in right ear, if heifer, in right ear; all have quarter circle shedding over M brand righ hip, notch left ear

Modoc County, 9/25/2015 – 2 blk steer calves, 8 mos, 550#, MR connected brand right rib, split right ear, notched left ear

COLORADO – Colorado Dept of Ag, 303-869-9160

Wellington – 1 black yearling heifer, approx. 1000 lb, white eartag, upside down J slash quarter circle shedding brand on left hip

Orchard – 6 mixed (black, red or Charolais) heifers, 2 year olds, 950 – 1,050 pounds, (n) brand left rib

Meadow Spring Grazing – 1 black Simmental bull calf, 7 months, 750 pounds, green tag Y104 in right ear, Bar J Slash brand left hip

Virginia Dale – 1 black Angus bull, 3 years old, quarter circle holding over socks brand on right hip

Tri County Arena – 1 brown standard bred gelding, no white markings, heart shaped swirl, freeze mark OAE38 on right neck

RECOVERED – OKLAHOMA (Oklahoma County) – October 19, 2015 – Oklahoma County Sheriff, 405-713-1017

1 Zebu bull, gray and black, 13 months old, hump between the front shoulder blades

–Livestock Marketing Association

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