Stuber Ranch 51st Annual Poduction Sale |

Stuber Ranch 51st Annual Poduction Sale

Allan and Connor Hovland of Milesville, South Dakota.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: April 20, 2019

Location: at the ranch in Bowman, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins & Greg Goggins


95 bulls – $4,321

45 registered open heifers – $2,064

89 commercial open heifers – $1,178

35 F1 BWF open heifers – $1,246

Stuber Ranch had a perfect day for their 51st annual production sale. The seats were full with many repeat customers, commercial cattlemen and several top Purebred Hereford breeders.

Sale Highlights:

Lot 30 at $25,000, SR Dominator 308F, Dob 3-15-2018, Reg 43954712, BCC Dominator 619D x Churchill Lady 1162Y, sold to Hoffman Ranch, Thedford, Nebraska.

Lot 10 at $19,000, SR Motion 108F, Dob 3-1-2018, Reg 43929851, CL 1 Domino 61280 x SR Mina 077X, sold to Van Newkirk Herefords, Oshkosh, Nebraska.

Lot 77 at $16.000, SR Motion 778F, Dob 3-1-2018, Reg 43930608, CL Domino 6128D x SR Rhonda 5184 C, sold to Rankin & Sons Inc., Draper, South Dakota.

Lot 70 at $12,000, SR BLC Domino 708F, Dob 1-31-2018, Reg 43960098, Churchill TSC First Rate 6206D x Churchill Lady 5.351C, sold to Van Newkirk, Oshkosh ,Nebraska.

lot 35 at $11,000, SR Dominator 358F, Dob 3-19-2018, Reg 43954713, BCC Dominator 619D x Churchill Lady 1162Y, sold to Ridder Hereford Ranch, Callaway, Nebraska.

Top Selling Registered Heifer:

Lot 8071 at $4,500, SR LS Domina 8071F, Dob 2-22-2018, Reg 43930790, BCC Dominator 619D x SR LS Senita 674D, sold to Steve Ladt, Union, Iowa.