Cowboy Pastor’s Wife: Superwoman is only fun when you’re five |

Cowboy Pastor’s Wife: Superwoman is only fun when you’re five

The Cowboy Pastor's Wife Norma Elliott

What the heck was I thinking? I would do the tshirt orders at church, line up ladies to cook a week worth of meals for a friend, returning home from heart surgery, no problem. Hey, why don’t I teach Wrangler church, get ladies to volunteer for the Mentor Moms Program and make a few very important meeting this week too. Did I mention we are shipping calves soon?

Self reliance isn’t necessary a bad thing, but when you tackle a little to much “can do” spirit in your day….well you can end up with more doo doo than can. Yeah, it’s that feeling that you think you can add just one more thing…it will all work out. Superwoman is fun when you’re five and your mom buys you Underoos but it doesn’t work when your 50, or 35, or 20 or ever. Did I say or ever???!!

We should be willing to help wherever needed. I’m not the woman who says, “I will think about it”. I’m wired to take on more than I can and it is a downfall to me. I wonder sometimes why others have to pray about something for a month before they ever commit. Ummm, hello…is anybody there? It doesn’t take a light from Heaven and a voice booming down to say, “Yes, go ahead and mow your 90 year old neighbor lady’s yard”. Come on people really?

So today, I remembered a valuable lesson my husband and I learned a few years ago, when we gathered up cattle and thought so naively we were some kind of Lone Ranger and Tonto crew. Which we are not…I mean, my man he can totally pull off Lone Ranger but I’m lacking on the Tonto part. Anyways, we gathered, had them all penned but realized we had more late calves than we had initially figured. We were in a jam for some help and today, I am too.

Here’s what happened…I needed some S.O.S…kind of help and in a hurry. I began to send out messages, phone calls, and smoke signals. Just kidding on the smoke signals but it did sound a bit more dramatic. Boy, was I surprised and overwhelmed by the people who quickly chimed up to help. Within minutes a lady volunteered to organize meals, other ladies gladly stepped up to be Mentors, and another sweet friend would help with tshirts. Now, that’s the way to spur one another on to Love in Good deeds (Heb. 10:24-25). I know I needed them and they came and I too will need to be spurred on in the future. Perhaps when I’m into some Netflix binge with a crumpled bag of ruffles laying under my arm pit. Call me please, or slap me or something, whatever the case I need it too!

So if you’re wondering about an area to help….wonder no more. Grab a friend or two or even twenty. It’s more fun and it’s the exact picture of the body of Christ working together. Let’s keep working, there’s much to be done.

Thank you for reading……thecowboypastorswife