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Swift Fox speaker to be featured at National Grassland Visitor Center in Wall Friday

This Friday, June 6 the National Grassland Visitor Center will feature a special speaker, Sarah Nevison, a Wildlife Biologist and graduate student at South Dakota State University. Nevison’ s talk will be about her current studies of swift foxes on the Badlands National Park and Buffalo Gap National Grassland. The program will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the National Grassland Visitor Center at 708 Main Street in downtown Wall and is free to the public.

Nevison will review the latest research on the swift fox and cover key questions about basic behaviors, including where they live, play and sleep, as well hunting patterns and dietary preferences. In addition to these topics, Nevison will field general questions from the public on the swift fox.

Nevison said, “This hands-on program is designed to teach visitors of all ages and backgrounds about the history of foxes in the Great Plains, as well as restoration efforts and research that has been done in and on Buffalo Gap National Grassland.” She also stressed, “To bring the fun home, fox characteristics, including animal furs, will be examined to help participants ID foxes in their own backyard.”

Nevison is a Master’s Graduate Student at South Dakota State University in Wildlife Science, researching swift foxes in South Dakota and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota. She has traveled much of North America to participate in a variety of research projects including California spotted owls, flying squirrels at Lake Tahoe, and sea turtles on the beaches in South Texas. In 2013 she worked as a wildlife technician at Badlands National Park and became interested in the many fascinating mammals of the grasslands, such as the black-footed ferret, mule deer and swift fox. She is currently a Park Service volunteer as she continues her swift fox research.

“Sarah’s visit is a great opportunity to take a break from the routine and to hear about some of the research being conducted in our own back yard from a very knowledgeable researcher who is excited about her work,” said Alan Anderson, Wall District Ranger. “She enjoys using her enthusiasm and love of the outdoors to connect the public with nature,” he said.

Nevison’s program is the first in a series of special events designed for the public and hosted by the USDA Forest Service National Grasslands Visitor Center this summer. For more information on the program, contact Dennis Kuhnel or the National Grasslands Visitor Center at 605-279-2125.

–U.S. Forest Service