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Tasty words, rodeo school, fast horses and BBQ season

For the Feb. 20, 2010 edition of Tri-State Livestock News.

First of all, I’ve got to eat some words that I used in a caption on a photo a while back. Regarding the photo of Jake Costello on “Yellow Hair” at the Matched Bronc Ride, I stated incorrectly that the great bronc “Yellow Hair” belongs to Burch Rodeo. He doesn’t. He is proudly owned by Korkows, as Jim Korkow so kindly pointed out.

But, that gave Jim and I an excuse to have a visit and he shared that they are planning to have their 25th Annual rodeo school on April 23-25 at the ranch at Pierre. They are offering all the rough stock events with the tops hands in each event instructing. Barebacks will have Scott Montague (NFR Qualifier); Saddle Broncs will have two world champs Jeff Willert and Chad Ferley; Bulls (and Jr. Bulls) will have Fred Boettcher, 4-time NFR, DNCFR and NHS Champion; and Bull Fighting will have Chris “Hodgie” Aman. Talk about a “wow” lineup! Call Jim at 605-224-5607 for more info. Deposits are due by April 1st.

Hodgie Aman isn’t just a great bull fighter, that guy can sing! His beautiful renditions of our national anthem during the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo were wonderful, and though the anthem usually brings a tear to my eye, the quality of his performance made it that much more moving.

Any of you that are involved in Wyoming horse racing better sit up and pay attention. Horse racing in Wyoming is in real jeopardy. The last track that had a meet in 2009 is in Evanston, and as of now, it doesn’t appear there will be a meet there this year. The racing industry is asking for your support on Senate File 47, which amends Wyoming’s pari-mutual statutes in an effort to maintain the live racing. File 47 would add to present legislation that simulcast racing has to accompany actual racing in the permit. As it stands, it doesn’t. Keep in mind that simulcast racing only puts money in the pockets of the permit owners and bar owners, but not one thin dime in the pockets of the Wyoming racing industry. State Senator Schiffer and Representative Shepperson are leading the fight to amend the legislation and keep racing alive. Contact your state senators and representatives at http://legisweb.state.wy.us right away.

I read that there is a new AQHA Supreme Champion. Yep, a beautiful horse that can run and work too! “Mr Joe Im Kool” is only the 47th in Quarter Horse history that has been able to achieve the necessary points in a broad range of events and it’s quite the honor. Owned by Gerald Keesling of Punta Gorda, FL, the 12 year old stallion is by the great Royal Quick Dash and out of Madam Duck by Duck Dance (TB). There are about eleventy-five hoops they have to jump through to achieve the Supreme rating, and it really epitomizes what the true Quarter Horse should be.

Speaking of great horses, news has come of the passing of one of the truly amazing Competetive Trail horses in history. “Elmer Bandit” had logged 20,780 miles in his career, his last race being an event in Iowa in September ’09. “Elmer,” a half-Arab, was 37 1/2 years old when he did it too! He was found unable to rise in his pasture Sunday morning and though he kept trying to get up, even with help, he couldn’t. He was weakening and the temperature was dropping, so the hard decision to have him put down was made. Mary Anna Wood of Independence, MO had owned him all 38 years of the old campaigner’s life. What a horse.

On the national Thoroughbred racing scene, it’s just been announced that there will be a match of champions between Horse of the Year Rachel Alexander and Champion Older Mare Zenyetta on April 9 for a $5 million purse. It will be at Oaklawn Park in Arkansas. That should be quite a race. These fabulous Thoroughbred mares have never before met in competition.

I know that you will have to be graying out a little to remember this, but, does anyone recall a weekly column in the Tri-State back in the late ’70’s written by Earl Sampson? He traveled all over our region horseback, leading a pack mule, and wrote about his travels, the people he met, and suchlike. I was always tickled about his description of his horse’s occasional bronc-iness as being either “willful disobedience” or “reckless exuberance” and those phrases stuck with me all these years. I’d sure appreciate any info anyone has about Earl.

I heard yesterday that there is finally going to be Steer Roping as part of the Badlands Circuit Finals. Steer Roping takes a big arena that’s set up right, so many PRCA rodeos don’t feature it. We have been fortunate in my area to have two great Steer Ropings held at the Black Hills Roundup in Belle Fourche in July and the Days of 76 Rodeo in August. The Days of 76 Arena will be the place to be in September as well, as that will be where the Badlands Circuit Finals Steer Roping will be held. I’ll have an exact date for you as soon as possible.

Also, the National Circuit Finals Steer Roping is coming up April 17 and 18 in Torrington, WY.

It’s so slick around our place (thanks to some freezing rain last week) that I saw a cat chasing a mouse and they were both crawling on their bellies. If calving is fast approaching and you’re going to need some horses up for that, there are some good products available for sharp shoes. Besides the old standby borium and similar products, there are also some nifty drive-in studs that are added onto the shoes as well. Sharp shoes are a great but they are harder on a horse’s legs than regular shoes, as they have so much grip and little give. Another problem with shoesi snow is the balling up of snow in the horse’s foot. There are some nifty pads that fit around the inside, under the shoe, leaving the frog open, that will keep that snow from staying stuck in the foot. The flexing of the hoof causes the pad to pop the snow out, and we have used them ourselves very successfully. Ask your farrier about them.

Our neighbor Deb says that it’s BBQ season. Break down, Blow up, and Quit. I can relate. There only 78 shopping days ’til Mother’s Day. Think spring and send me your upcoming events!

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