TC Ranch Cow Herd Dispersion |

TC Ranch Cow Herd Dispersion

TSLN Rep: Drew Feller

Date of Sale: Oct. 28, 2019

Location: Franklin, Nebraska

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins Billings, Greg Goggins Billings


534 Total Registered Females – $2,753

6 Registered Angus Bulls – $4,625


Top Selling Bred Heifer:

Lot 1 at $10,000 was TC Ruby 8088, DOB: 2/12/18; Sired by Jindra Megahit; MGS: TC Conductor 030; Bred to Vin-Mar Cash Money 6542 due 2/11/20. She sold to Woody Ranch Angus Barnard, KS.

Top Selling Bred Cow:

Lot 406 at $16,500 was TC Ruby 6020, DOB: 1/19/16; Sired by Sitz Dollar Up 489Z; MGS: Vermillion Vanguard; Bred to SS Niagara Z29 due 2/20/2019. She sold to Krebs Ranch Gordon, NE.

Lot 213 at $7,000 was TC Blackbird 6016, DOB: 1/18/16; Sired by EF Authentic 0829; MGS: D R Sierra Cut 7404; Bred to Breeding Group due 3/21/20. She sold to Lee Duckworth Greenville, TN

Lot 370 at $6,250 was TC Ruby 7013, DOB: 1/7/17; Sired by TC Country Wide 401; MGS: GVF Forword 8110; Bred to Breeding Group due 2/10/20. She sold to Krebs Ranch Gordon, NE.

Top Selling Bull:

Lot 560 at $7,000 was Vermillion Spur C846, DOB: 9/4/15; Sired By Connealy Spur; MGS: Baldridge Nebraska 901. He sold to A & B Cattle Company Bassett, NE.

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