TD Angus

TSLN Rep: Drew Feller

Date of Sale: 03/20/2021

Location: North Platte, NE

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins


87 Older Angus Bulls averaged $8,109

194 Yearling Angus Bulls averaged $6,697

30 Open Angus Heifers averaged $6,691

8 Bred Angus Heifers averaged $8,562

1 Open Donor Cow averaged $30,000

23 Spring Pairs averaged $2,800

Top Bulls:

Lot 100 at $525,000 was T/D Doc Ryan 049, DOB: 01/10/2020; SIRE: Casino Bomber N33; MGS: GAR Phenom 7953. He sold to Herbster Angus Farms of Falls City, NE.

Lot 1 at $40,000 was T/D Executive 9604, DOB: 08/14/19; SIRE: Musgrave 316 Exclusive; MGS: Connealy Impression. He sold to Sitz Angus Ranch of Dillion, MT.

Lot 189 at $29,000 was T/D Doubt Me Now 0171, DOB: 01/30/20: SIRE: Hoover No Doubt; MGS:B/R Ambush 28. He sold to McWherter Farms of Dresden, TN.

Lot 149 at $23,000 was T/D Exclusive 0410, DOB: 03/14/20: SIRE: Musgrave 316 Exclusive; MGS: PA Valor 201. He sold to Grimmius Cattle Company of Hanford, CA.

Lot 95 at $19,000 was Huwa Heavy Metal 9014, DOB: 01/31/19: SIRE: EXAR Monumental 6056B; MGS: Connealy Confidence Plus. He sold to Muleshoe Land and Cattle of Sutherland, NE.

Top Open Heifer:

Lot 313 at $23,000 was T/D Prim Lassie 03, DOB: 12/23/19: SIRE: Musgrave 316 Exclusive; MGS: Musgrave Foundation. She sold to ELK Angus of Buffalo, WY.

Lot 312 at $21,000 was T/D Forever 0399, DOB: 03/10/20: SIRE: Musgrave 316 Exclusive; MGS: TC Franklin 619. She sold to Pendleton Cattle Company of North Platte, NE.

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