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Teigen is Last Man Standing

Jace Doan, Casey Olson, Caleb Teigen and Rowdy Benson were the final four steer wrestlers in the "Last Man Standing" competition. Teigen went home with the saddle. Photo by Miranda Benson

A North Dakota cowboy swept the competition at the first annual Boss Cowman “Last Man Standing” steer wrestling jackpot in Lemmon, S.D., on July 10, 2013.

Caleb Teigen, Bismarck, N.D., won the first and second rounds, along with the average of the two-head jackpot.

Teigen, along with the rest of the top four in the average, Casey Olson, Buffalo, S.D., Jayce Doan, Bismarck, N.D., and Rowdy Benson, Lemmon, S.D., were invited back for a “Last Man Standing” shoot-out where the four cowobys each drew and ran a steer. Then the man with the slow time dropped out, and the format continued, eliminating one at a time, until just one man remained.

Doan was eliminated from the shoot-out first, then Benson was bested by the remaining two cowboys, leaving just Olson and Teigen in a duel. Teigen’s winning streak continued, and he was the “Last Man Standing,” adding $500 cash and a new saddle to the $1,050 he had won in the jackpot. Teigen said he enjoyed the event particularly because he had been on a bit of a dry streak. “I really appreciate the event sponsors for their generosity,” he added.

Benson, who organized the event, said he plans to continue to build the jackpot in future years. “I’ve always wanted to have a bulldogging jackpot here and I just decided to go for it,” said the all-around cowboy who competed in all three timed events throughout high school and college.

He didn’t put on the event to raise money but just as “another activity for the Boss Cowman celebration,” Benson said, commenting that he didn’t pocket any money, and the ten percent he kept back from the Calcutta was just enough to buy his secretaries supper.

Benson appreciates help from the rodeo committee, especially Monty Oliver and Chuck Christman, as well as Stacy Drayton and his wife Miranda Benson for serving as secretaries and Mason Deitterle for announcing the event. He also appreciates the event sponsors, Benson Ranch and Carmichael Herefords as well as the saddle sponsors, Borderland Arena and Benson Auctioneering. He looks forward to building the event bigger and better in the future and would like to give community members and groups the chance to fundraise through concessions, arena help, etc

Benson said he himself started bulldogging at a rodeo Bible Camp as a high schooler, with instruction from Casey Olson, the “Last Man Standing” runner-up.

“I wanted to bulldog pretty bad so I signed up for it on the Bible Camp entry sheet. But I didn’t tell my dad about it until I was headed out the door,” he admitted.

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