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Temple Grandin awarded NCBA Lifetime Achievement Award

DENVER, CO – The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) awarded Temple Grandin its coveted Lifetime Achievement Award on July 31, 2010, at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Denver, CO. Grandin is a world-renowned designer of livestock handling facilities; a professor of animal science at Colorado State University; and one of the world’s most functioning autistics. The HBO production on Grandin’s life afforded her the opportunity to make many appearances in Hollywood. She said the public’s curiosity about livestock handling is an opportunity for ranchers to tell their story.

“Through my public appearances for this movie, I have been in Hollywood on several occasions. You would be surprised how interested people are in what ranchers do and how they handle and take care of their animals,” said Grandin, when addressing U.S. cattle producers. “This tells me we need to do a better job communicating to the public about how we take care of and manage our livestock.”

Tom Field, NCBA executive director of producer education, said Grandin has revolutionized the way U.S. cattle producers handle livestock.

“Temple reminds us that the American dream is still alive,” said Field. “She has reminded the world that one person really can make a difference. Beyond this industry, she has given renewed hope to autistics around the globe.”

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