The Outside Circle: Great 4th, barrel wins, wolf kill and wagon trains |

The Outside Circle: Great 4th, barrel wins, wolf kill and wagon trains

For the July 9, 2011 edition of Tri-State Livestock News.

It’s sure been a hot, muggy summer so far. We spent the 4th of July shaded up like a band of sheep at the family picnic. Worked up quite a sweat moving our chairs to keep up with the shade and going for more food. Pretty strenuous day.

Saw the B1 (or was it B1-B?) headed for the flyover at the Black Hills Roundup. That’s an impressive sight and always gives me goosebumps. When they pour the cobs to it and it powers out of the low zone, it about blows us over a half mile from the arena.

The Interior Frontier Rodeo and Celebration had a very impressive grand entry, too, I hear. A helicopter landed in the arena and a Vietnam Vet, Ronnie Gartner, got out and presented the flag. The flags of the branches of the military were presented by more ‘Nam vets riding in a wagon. I got choked up just looking at the pictures.

I had to chuckle thinking about the bareback broncs in the chutes watching that chopper land. I’ll bet their eyes were big and they were blowing rollers!

The Ranch Rodeo at Interior was won by the team from 73 Bar, Philip, SD (Zach West, Colton and Tucker McDaniel and Shannon Gartner). The second place team by just a smidgen was the Rusty Spur, Murdo, SD (Chris Nix, Craig McKenzie, Eric and Matt Hight).

There was a SDRA/NRCA rodeo, a parade, and fireworks at Interior, too. One of the photos I was sent showed a saddle bronc rider wearing a red bra and spurring one out of the chutes. Hmm… must be a different rule on apparel at that rodeo. They had a huge crowd and word has it that there might not have been room to park one more vehicle within walking distance of the arena. Now that’s a Fourth of July celebration!

The Black Hills Roundup was also on, and they dealt with rain, rain and more rain, but the new ground in the arena is so good that they just went on with the show. I went to the Ranch Rodeo and I’ve never seen such water. They could have been competing on dolphins! It was a great ranch rodeo though, with good hands, good horses, and well-enforced rules to follow. I tip my hat to the committee that puts that on.

Bobby Welsh had 90-point ride in the bulls at the Roundup. He did it on D & H’s Wild Child. There were only three qualified rides, so the payoff there was sweet for those guys.

Speaking of sweet payoffs, some of the regional barrel racers had nice totals for the Cowboy Christmas weekend. Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, SD, pocketed $11,117 worth of the money at Ponoka, AB; Williams Lake, BC; Greeley, CO; Mandan, ND; and Belle Fourche, SD. She’s third in the WNFR standings.

Trula Churchill, Valentine, NE, hauled hard too and totaled $7,333, with checks pulled at Cody, WY and Ponoka, AB. She’s 19th in the standings now.

Nikki Steffes, Vale, SD, gathered checks from Livingston, MT; Greeley, CO; and Crawford, NE.

Samantha Flannery won the BBR Northern Regional Challenge at Lincoln, NE, on CM Stoney Bubbles, a 2006 mare by the late, great Nonstop Bubblin. The mare was raised by Chuck and Mary Crago, Belle Fourche, SD. Mary ran barrels on the sire quite successfully some years ago.

There will be a 50th Anniversary party for Gary and Phyllis Gilbert, Ludlow, SD, on Saturday, July 15. It will be at the Rec Center in Buffalo with dinner and a dance to follow. Long time ranchers and rodeo folks, they just don’t get any better than the Gilberts.

The American Association of Equine Practitioners issued a statement on June 28. They were responding to the GAO report on horse welfare (since the closing of processing plants in 2007). The statement was a little ambiguous and I’m still not plumb sure if they are for or against horse processing. What I got loud and clear, though, is that they aren’t “for” horse breeding. They recommended that horse owners should consider buying instead of breeding, and when possible, adopting instead of buying. Now this is a bunch of stuffed shirt vets that supposedly represent veterinarians nationwide. I’ll bet the horse vets around here would like the breeders to stay in business so that they can stay in business along with them. What a statement to make to a horse business that is floundering in many areas.

Senator Max Baucus, MT, urges an end to the slaughter ban and to get the horse business back on it’s feet. I like him. He’s the one that initiated the GAO study in the first place.

I just saw pictures in a publication of a horse killed by wolves near Darby, MT. So much for the killing only the weak, sick, young and crippled propaganda (the wolves didn’t read about that), as this was a full size, healthy, mature horse in good condition. It’s a gruesome photo and gets more so when you realize that the wolves disemboweled the horse and then ate on it’s guts and hind quarters until the horse died. Tragic.

The wolf situation just gets worse and worse in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho and is moving eastward and westward as well. Credible sightings of wolves in eastern Wyoming and western South Dakota are not comforting.

The NHSRA Finals will be July 17-23 at Gillette, WY. There will be 1,500 contestants from 41 states, five Canadian provinces and Australia (talk about a long haul). For tickets call the Camplex office at 307-682-8802 or for general information call 307-682-0552.

Isabel, SD will be celebrating its Centennial, Aug. 2-7. Along with all the other great activities, there will be a wagon train and trail ride going cross-country from near Athboy, SD (not on my Rand McNally map) to Isabel. Gathering on Aug. 1 at the Hofer’s Twin Buttes Ranch, they will hit the trail on Tuesday, Aug. 2 and arrive in Isabel on Thursday Aug. 4. There will be great food and entertainment all the way, plus beautiful country to look at. E-mail for more information.

Well, that about winds up my circle for this week. I hope it rains enough to make the grass grow but not enough to mess up the hay.

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