The Outside Circle: Rodeo, cow collision, rodeo schools, Mustang Barbie and sad news |

The Outside Circle: Rodeo, cow collision, rodeo schools, Mustang Barbie and sad news

It finally thawed some of the snow and ice here today. There’s even some dark showing through on the ice on our road. Must be mud or gravel or something. There’s still a lot of ice under the puddles though, and I nearly made a spectacle of myself choring this evening when I slipped going through a gate. Dad always said for us not to hang on gates, but I think under the circumstances, he would understand. So, be careful out there.

The National Western at Denver has wrapped up just as the Black Hills Stock Show starts. In the Barebacks, JR Vezain, Cowley, WY, tied for fourth in the average and was second in the finals with an 86-point ride. In the Steer Wrestling, Todd Suhn was second in the average and tied for first in the Final round with Cody Cassidy with a 3.9 run. Team Roping had Billings, MT’s Clay Tryan and Travis Graves winning the average. The average in the Saddle Broncs showed fourth place going to Cort Scheer, Elsmere, NE. I expect all these great hands will be at Rapid City this week, too.

At the Xtreme Bulls Division 2 Qualifying Event Jan. 18-19 at Ft. Worth, TX, Taylor Cowan, Ft. Pierre, SD, was fourth in the average, and in the finals, Seth Glause, Rock Springs, WY was second.

I heard that Scott O’Bryan, from down in the Belvidere, SD country, got freight trained by a cow while working at the Ft. Pierre sale barn a while back. He was actually in intensive care for a couple of days, but my source tells me that he’s home now. Golly, some guys will do anything to get out of feeding and chopping ice. No word on whether the cow was injured in the confrontation.

Zenyetta, Queen of the Thoroughbreds, has been booked to the court of Bernardini, leading freshman sire of Stakes winners for 2010. Bernardini is an A.P.Indy son and out of Cara Rafaela by Quiet American. It will be interesting to see if she matches her superiority as a runner in the broodmare department.

There are a couple of good rodeo schools coming up in March and April. You’ll want to get your name on the list at both of these schools, as they will no doubt fill up fast. March 11-13, there’s a Randy Suhn Steer Wrestling Clinic at Riverton, WY. Randy is a three-time NFR Qualifier, so he sure knows his business. The clinic costs $300 with $100 of that as a deposit. You can send your check/money order to CWC Rodeo, 2660 Peck Ave., Riverton, WY 82501. I wasn’t given a phone number or other contact info, so can’t help you any more with that.

Jim Korkow sent me the rundown on their 26th Annual Korkow Ranch Rodeo School April 29-May 1. The Barebacks will be coached by NFR Qualifier Scott Montague; Saddle Broncs by World Champs Jeff Willert and Chad Ferley; Bull Riding by Fred Boettcher, four-time NFR Qualifier, DNCFR and NHS Champ; and Bull Fighting by Chris “Hodgie” Aman. Tuition is $280/event with a $50 deposit (plus sales tax). There’s a Jr. Bull Riding special for 10-13 year olds for $200, same deal on the deposit. The deposits are due by April 11. Call Jim Korkow at 605-224-5607, or e-mail for info. You can also check out their Web site at

I sure believe in these rodeo schools. They’re all a good place to learn, but I think the rough stock is especially important due to the higher probability of getting hurt if you don’t know what you’re doing. ‘Course Steer Wrestling kind of falls into that category, too. No matter what event, though, they can sure help someone get off on the right foot or improve what they are already doing. A good investment, as opposed to entry fees/medical bills in the do-it-yourself method.

There will be a Ranch Sorting on Saturday, Feb. 5 at the Camplex in Gillette, WY, Barn 3. It starts at 9 a.m. and you can contact Stacey Thar at 307-685-0149 for more info on that. The Ranch Sorting at the Event Center in Rapid City was a roaring success, so this sure seems to be a new and exciting event in this area. Great spectator event, too.

The BLM rejected Madeleine Pickens (aka Mustang Barbie) efforts to be the range science expert for their management areas in northeastern Nevada. This is the bottle blonde bride of T. Boone Pickens who bought up several large ranches in Elko County (18,000 deeded acres) with grazing rights to another 564,000 acres of public land. She wants to stock her ranch with all the fugly feral horses that are being gathered off of the 1.3 million acre Antelope Complex management area southeast of Elko, NV. She’s in league with the Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA, and other groups who want to stop the BLM from gathering any of the feral horses off the western rangeland. The BLM plans to remove around 2,000 horses from the area, restoring it to a population of 427-788 animals, depending on the forage available and condition of the horses. The roundup is in progress right now.

Mustang Barbie and her nutsy friends want the BLM to re-allocate grazing rights in the Antelope complex to eliminate cattle and sheep from the permits. Seasonally, the BLM authorizes around 2,000 cattle and 7,000 sheep, all privately owned, to graze there. The head of the Cloud Foundation, Ginger Kathrens, claims that the BLM is biased toward the “welfare livestock” and that the feral horses need their share of the land. Welfare??? Last I knew, the cattle and sheep were trying really hard to support themselves, seeing as how they are privately-owned and not a hobby of the rich and ignorant. I just don’t see them as being on welfare, unlike the 30,000-plus head of feral horses that are being held in facilities and not helping anyone. I want to send the BLM an “attaboy” on this one.

On a somber note, I want to extend my condolences to the family of Vicki Young. Vicki, 53, courageously fought a 10-year battle with cancer before her death on Jan. 18. Vicki grew up near Lemmon, SD, daughter of Herb and Jessie Kolb. She loved rodeo and competed at 4-H, High School, NRCA and SDRA levels. She ranched alongside her husband Doug north of Dupree, and enjoyed their son Trey’s rodeo career immensely. Vicki was a teacher at Dupree for over 20 years, and taught up until her death. She is survived by her husband Doug, son Trey, parents Herb and Jessie Kolb, one sister Salli Blazey, and her children Nikki and Tyler of Bison, SD. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

That about winds up my circle for this week, so be safe and I’ll hopefully see you at the stock show.

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