The resurrection tour: Faith, Family and Freedom |

The resurrection tour: Faith, Family and Freedom

By Deanna Nelson-Licking for Tri-State Livestock News

Nebraska beef and hog producer, Ag-advocate and radio host Trent Loos has joined the Arise USA tour which intends to hit at least 48 of the 50 fifty states over the next 100 plus days. This bus tour is funded by individual donations and is “to unify the ninety-nine percent of the American population against the one percent in government who no longer represent the people.”

The Arise Tour is traveling across the country to awaken the nation in truth and love. Over 111 days, they will hold conferences at 85 stops with local and nationwide speakers in the areas of health, human rights, and constitutional freedom. Everyone is invited to join this battle to take back our country, to join the fight to change the nation and change the world, one county at a time.

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association have joined with scores of speakers representing a historic cross-section of US freedom fighters addressing civil liberties, human rights, health sovereignty and the natural born rights and freedom mandated by our founding fathers as they drafted the US Constitution. All tour events are free to attend and intend to unite all citizens to come together in civil conversation and reclaim the power. Five wrapped coaches will be followed by a drone as the tour is live-streamed to millions in the USA and around the world.

Other members of the “Permanent Party” include Kevin Jenkins, founder of the Urban Global Health Alliance as well as the Freedom Travel Alliance; Leigh Dundas, one of America’s leading human rights and health sovereignty attorneys; Tour Co-Creator Robert David Steele, founder of #UNRIG Elections and a former CIA spy recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017, and traveling as a guest of the tour former United Nations Director General Sacha Stone, founder of the New Earth Project, Humanitad, and the International Tribunal of Natural Justice. Traveling with the tour is Scott McKay, the Patriot Streetfighter, who is bringing together motorcycle groups around the nation. The tour has been heavily censored on social media so they are relying on locals to help spread the word.

This non-sectarian, non-partisan Unity tour invites the ninety-nine percent, or “We the People,” to take a stand against the one percent of the “Globalist Elites” who they say have taken control of the US culture, US economy, and US government.

Trent Loos is encouraging rural America to get involved. “Well, clearly there is federal overreach, whether it’s the 30 by 30 issue, shutting down churches or masks. We must get involved at the local level for God and country, we must get involved in our counties. We are putting people above politics, reminding people that you rights guaranteed by the constitution, God given rights. Use them or lose them, the constitutional rights that our forefathers gave us.”

The Arise USA tour will be in North Platte, Nebraska at 7:30 pm (CST) on June 4, 2021. The event will be held in the Pavilion at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds. Food trucks will be on site and this is a family friendly event. After they leave Nebraska they will travel to Cheyenne, Wyoming, down through Colorado and into New Mexico on their way to the West Coast. The buses will be back in our region towards the end of June, stopping in Buffalo, Wyoming on July 1. They will be holding a rally at Mount Rushmore in the Keystone Park over the fourth of July. Tour dates and locations can be found at their website or by following Trent Loos on social media as he is the ground commander with the responsibility of arranging venues together with local residents.

Loos said that so far with the tour being underway about a week, that the reception has been outstanding. “We are such a diverse group of people, from a retired rock star to a retired CIA spy, we are all fighting for this country. The diversity of the group, all with such a similar message. People can’t stop thanking us for coming, the reception has been out of this world.”


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