The things he never had |

The things he never had

What makes me think I’m blessed to have the world’s finest dad?

It’s not by fame and fortune, it’s the things he never had.

His boyhood home, one made of sod, was dingy, drab and cold

but the love inside was finer than a mansion made of gold.

The school known as “Hard Knocks,” was his form of education;

a degree in “Great Depression” followed 8th grade graduation.

Perhaps these things he didn’t have were what shaped him to be

the finest father God above could ever give to me.

He’s never had a temper, hardly ever been upset;

if he ever had an enemy, no one has met him yet.

He is one to tell a joke, but I’ve rarely heard him swear;

and never did play favorites, treating everybody fair.

There’s one thing that he does have though, that’s not to be outdone,

it’s talent on a fiddle, proved by trophies that he’s won.

He never won a lottery and has earned his every cent,

yet has given more to others than he has ever spent.

I could go on forever telling things he’s never had

like a frowning face, an attitude, or habits that are bad.

I have never heard him grumble, and never known or seen

him criticize his neighbor, or say things that are mean.

Yes, I’ve been blessed beyond compare, because he is my dad

and know it’s mostly due to all the things he never had.

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