The Tortoise and the Harry (Reid) |

The Tortoise and the Harry (Reid)

Jim Darlington
Newcastle, Wyo.

In Nevada the BLM set up another phony hurdle,

And said the cows must go to make room for the turtle.

What’s really needed to save the tortoise is raven control,

But that simple answer doesn’t fit the bully’s goal.

What they forgot to mention in the means to their end,

Is that in truth the cows are the turtle’s best friend.

The turtles need the old growth removed to make room for the new,

And that critical job is just what cows like to do.

The BLM called in cash cowboys – professional cattle swipers,

And came armed with tasers, attack dogs and snipers.

After they had removed Cliven Bundy’s cattle off the land,

Things didn’t go quite like the bullies had planned.

So many mad folks showed up who weren’t gonna take it any more,

That the feds came to their senses and opened the corral door.

This whole sorry episode sure gave me the chills,

But I smiled when the reprieved cows headed off to the hills.

Harry Reid fumed that this won’t be over till later,

How dare someone stand up to the BLM man-child dictator.

Cliven won the first round, but I am still afraid,

His future will include a Seal Team 6 style raid.

But, maybe this will slow down under another shady Reid real estate deal,

And anything’s good that makes that old crook squeal.

Cause compared to Harry, a dog’s hind leg is straighter.

He needs to remember our inalienable rights were endowed by the Creator! F