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The Wright stuff

The indoor has a fully equipped concession area. It boasts a kitchen plus 15 tables and windows that look out into the arena. Photos by Mickey Davis

The Southern Campbell County Agriculture Complex is open for business! According to manager Max Davis, it’s all systems go at the new facility at Wright, Wyoming. The facility was used in July to host the American Calf Roping qualifier then was closed again to put the finishing touches on the building.

“We are open to hosting about any event including sheep dog trials, bull sales, horse sales, team sorting, ranch ropings, rough stock, clinics and so on. We have team ropings scheduled out until March of 2016, plus some barrel races,” said Davis.

“When they hired me on one of the things they tasked me with was the marketing, but I’m more of the build it, fix it sort of guy,” said Davis. Janie Norlin, who has stepped up to help him with the marketing is already making a name for the new facility, though, with the help of a big opening event. “After the American was held here, it really started marketing itself,” he added.

“That place is amazing. They sure took time and designed it right,” said calf roper Dane Kissack, Spearfish, South Dakota. “You can tell that they spent a lot of time with people who know to make it very user friendly. It’s big enough that you can get a lot of people in there to warm up and compete in an event.”

“That place is amazing. They sure took time and designed it right. You can tell that they spent a lot of time with people who know to make it very user friendly. It’s big enough that you can get a lot of people in there to warm up and compete in an event.” Dane Kissack, calf roper

The young man who participated in the American Qualifier said that the facility was “perfect” throughout that event. “The ground is really good.”

The complex features both outdoor and indoor arenas. The outdoor arena has seating for 350 people. When it initially opened, the ground was too deep, so Davis closed it again to work on the ground. “I care a lot about the ground and wanted to fix it before we booked any events. I’m fussy and I want it right,” said Davis, adding “We moved all the sand out and have fixed the base so it’s not so deep, then put the sand back. It’s ready to use again now and I think it will get better and better every time it’s worked.”

The outdoor facilities also feature a boarding area with 12 pens and shelters, which is already full. The 24 outside stock pens can be rented for $5 per night with a current health and Coggins. No stallions are allowed. Water has to be carried to those pens. “I am pretty picky about the health of horses brought in as I have horses there too, so we insist on a current health on the horses,” says Davis.

The indoor arena can also seat 350, and is big enough for a full sized barrel pattern to be set up. “The barrel racers really love the ground in the indoor,” says Davis, “It’s getting better and better. I work it at least once daily and it’s really nice.”

“For the American we divided the indoor arena into three sections. Half of it was for the roping, then the other half was divided between a warm up area and spectator seating when we brought bleachers in from the outdoor arena area,” explains Davis. “The American was a great success and really got us up and running.”

The indoor facility also has a meeting room and a concession area with 15 tables that view the indoor arena. The indoor arena is also heated so that winter riding can be done without being bundled up.

Even contestants will enjoy the layout of the concession and viewing area. At least Kissack did, during the American Qualifier. “Having the concession area where it is, is just great. People hang out there to watch and having the tables and windows to watch there is just impressive.”

The ventilation system is something that Davis is particularly pleased with, saying “When it’s in the 90 degree range outside, the ventilation inside keeps it pretty tolerable. It also keeps the humidity down. With the watering of the arena and the condensation from horses and people, it could get pretty damp inside, but not with the ventilation system we’re using.”

Kissack agrees, “It was really hot the day of the roping and the way the fans and stuff were running it was very pleasant inside. It was just exceptional.”

Once the complex is being used on a steady basis, future plans include an overnight boarding area and RV hookups, but that’s down the road a ways, according to Davis.

Prices are arranged to work for any event with a half day set up fee in place. Setup is considered a quarter of a day and breakdown after the event is the other quarter. “We can normally set up for any event in a half day” says Davis.

They offer hourly rentals from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with two hour blocks rented at $25/hour, with a six hour a week maximum, unless there are no others wanting to use it, then that can be modified. “We are renting it for everything from starting colts to trying rough stock,” says Davis.

Since the Complex is new, Max Davis is open to suggestions. “We’re here to please so if you have an idea, give us a call. We’ll sure work with you on it.”

Davis is pleased with the location of the Complex, saying “Wright is going to be a good location because of the events and competitors coming from the southern part of the state, plus Nebraska and western South Dakota. We sure want everyone to come and check it out and see why we are so proud of this facility.”

This exciting addition to the region should thrive, what with all of the activities that are simply overflowing other regional facilities. The bold move by the city of Wright and Campbell County in building the Agriculture Complex should draw people from near and far and serve the community well for many years to come.

To contact Max Davis, manager, call 307-689-6587.

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