By leonard wolfgram

Lost some great folks this past year.

 Good friends, neighbors, acquaintances.

This poem is for them

This past year there’s them I know’d

That’s crossed the great divide

Men and women who once were young

Now had rhuemy eyes

Lives that was filled with challenges

That come at any cost

Now lay beneath the ground and snow

Deep beneath the frost

But I prefer to think of their younger years

When they rode the plains

On outlaw horses they thought was fun

They rode against the grain

I think of the dust and gruntin’

Of a buckin’ horses sound

How they rode with grit and relish

When that fury come unwound

Saddle poppin’ leather

The hosses grunt and the squeal

Cowboy quirtin’ and spurrin’

Tryin’ to get this tough bronc peeled

Grinnin’ whoops and hollers

Their campaneros’ cheer ‘em on

Glad they wasn’t hurt

When they scrapped ‘um up off the ground

They took their lumps and bumps

Both good times and the bad

Women tough as men

Sharin’ all of life’s demands

The old timers that we knew are now

Called mentally tough

They taught us how to survive

When the goin’ was gettin’ rough

To hang in there and never quit

Come hail, rain, or drought

‘Cause times was bound to get better

If we would only tough it out

So last year’s gone an’ taken them

And we now have memories

Tellin’ stories about their lives

To preserve their history

I reckon I’ll think back of the past

With fond memories of their faces

And know the rest of us lived through the year gone by

Only God’s good graces

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