Thirteen year old from Clay Center, NE takes top prize at the Beef Cattle Parade of Champions |

Thirteen year old from Clay Center, NE takes top prize at the Beef Cattle Parade of Champions

In the end, QLC Gold Man turned out to be pure gold for Brianna Walker of Clay Center, NE, and co-owners Quirk Land & Cattle Co., & Gold Man Association.

The massive black Angus bull the 13-year-old bred and showed walked off with the top prize Tuesday, Aug. 28, at the Beef Cattle Parade of Champions at the Nebraska State Fair. What made the award all the more astonishing is that QLC Gold Man was the champion of champions, winning over seven other bulls that had been judged the best of their breeds earlier this week.

Judge Doug Steele of Anita, IA, lauded QLC Gold Man’ s sound bones, athleticism and good testical development. He is the progeny of Brianna’ s first show heifer – a heifer she bought herself, said proud dad, David Walker. Brianna’s $1,000 first place prize money will go into her college fund.

“I’ m very really, really happy,” the excited teenager said.

UPS Domino 5016, a Hereford bull bred by Upstream Ranch in Taylor, NE, won the $500 prize for reserve champion.

The show champion female division was an all-Iowa affair. The supreme winner was CR Miss Built Like A Dream 1S, a Simmental bred by Ruth Family Simmentals from Hills, IA. Reserve champion was VL Skyler, a Limousin bred by Vorthman Limousin in Traynor, IA.

The nine entries included a Dexter, the first time an animal of this breed has been shown at the Nebraska State Fair. Bred by Jeff and Melinda Chambers of Adams, NE, the heifer named SMD Ceti Navis was smaller than the others. Dexters are a duel-purpose breed meaning they are bred for both meat and milk. The Chambers also showed a Dexter bull.

The Nebraska State Fair furnished the $1,000 prize money and silver belt buckles for both Supreme champions and the $500 reserve champion prizes. Dr. Brad Skarr of Ames, IA, was also a judge.

Classy, frisky, pampered and gorgeous. A supermodel, you say?

Not quite. But attendees at the Open Jackpot Feeder Class Show at the Nebraska State Fair Wednesday evening, Aug. 29, would have no trouble using those adjectives to describe the heifers that paraded before them. Only in this arena, thinness is not a virtue. It’ s all about width, muscle, volume, functionality and flexibility. And there was plenty of that on display.

“The quality was extremely good,” said judge Dwayne Faidley of Colfax, IA.

The 26 heifers were divided into three divisions: British, light weight commercial and heavy weight commercial. Unlike their stately elders in the Beef Cattle Parade of Champions the night before, the heifers were much less inclined to stand still and show off their attributes. In the equivalent of a supermodel fit, a black heifer shown by Barb Ohlrichs in Division 2 bawled the entire time.

“It’s frustrating,” Ohlrichs said. “It makes you mad.”

And Jesse Hoblyn, 10, of York, NE, had trouble controlling his heifer, who ended up overall reserve champion.

“She was being naughty tonight,” said Genna Frenzen, who works for Jesse’ s parents.

It was a good night for Barb Ohlrichs and husband Wayne of Norfolk, NE. They picked up the $1,000 grand champion prize with a heifer named Sugarland. Ohlrichs’ heifers also placed second in the British heifer division and first in both sections of the light weight commercial division.

“I’ m very, very pleased,” Barb Ohlrich said.


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