Thorson Herefords Annual Production Sale |

Thorson Herefords Annual Production Sale

Tom and Jim Davis of Belle Fourche, S.D., with Doug Thorson.

Date: Feb. 11, 2014

Location: Philip Livestock Auction, Philip, S.D.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


36 Two-year-old Hereford bulls: $4,653

Doug and Nancy Thorson and their family from Quinn, S.D., hosted a big crowd for their annual two-year-old Hereford bull sale at Philip Livestock Auction. Doug grew up in a family that raised Herefords, and he firmly believes in the value of this breed, especially in the maternal traits the Hereford breed can bring to a cow herd. Raising cattle all his life, Doug began his registered Hereford herd almost ten years ago. He has diligently selected the genetics that will advance the maternal and the performance traits of the Hereford breed.

These Thorson bulls are bred for longevity, plus, Doug also feeds these bulls so they stay around for a long time. They are not overfed, and they are presented on sale dale with moderate flesh. Doug’s herd started from the Shield Bar dispersion, which had generations of soundness and docility, and these traits are still present in these cattle.

The herd is very maternally bred to insure that these bulls will sire excellent females–either on straight Hereford commercial cows, or on Angus cows for the black/whiteface F-1 baldy heifer. Every cow in the Thorson registered Hereford herd receives an udder score.

The top selling title of the day was shared by three bulls. The Lot 1 bull brought $7,500 from Kent Lahren, Mobridge, S.D. He was a son of CO L1 Domino 847 with a scrotal measurement of 37.8 cm. Born at 86 lb., he weaned at 679 lb. This bull’s mother was commercial, and Doug feels she is the best cow in the herd.

Lot 15 also sold for $7,500. He was a son of JA L1 Domino 0214 and out of a daughter of JC L1 Domino 4013P. With a birth weight of 88 lb., he weaned at 625 lb. His EPDs were BW 4.1, WW45, YW 72, and MILK 26. His new owner was Delbert McCloy, Morris, Texas.

The next $7,500 bull was Lot 9, and he went to Ed Lawrence, Alzada, Mont. He was sired by L1 Domino 847 with an 84 lb. birth weight. He weaned at 558 lb. and had EPDs of BW 3.5, WW 46, YW 80, and MILK 27.

Brad Bauer, Union Center, S.D., chose Lot 3 at $7,000. Here was a son of CO L1 Domino 847 who was born at 82 lb. He weaned at 678 lb., with EPDs of BW 2.5, WW 46, YW 71, and MILK 26.

Lot 24 was another purchase by Kent Lahren. Selling for $6,500, he was a son of CO L1 Domino 936. He was born at 94 lb., weaned at 590 lb., and posted a 40.6 cm. scrotal measurement.

Grubbing Hoe Ranch, Buffalo, S.D., bought Lot 12 at $7,000, and Lot 2 at $6,500. The Lot 12 bull was sired by GB L1 Domino 175, with a 77 lb. birth weight. Lot 2 was a son of CO L1 Domino 847. He was born at 86 lb., and weaned at 641 lb., with a 36 cm. scrotal.

Other Highlights:

Lot 19, TH L1 Domino 2626, 4/18/12 by CL1 Domino 034 to Curtis Coomes, Manderson, S.D., $6,000.

Lot 13, TH L1 Domino 2536, 3/27/12 by JA L1 Domino 0214 to Mike Gilberz, White Lake, S.D., $5,500.

Lot 26, TH L1 Domino 2001, 4/8/12 by CO L1 Domino 936 to Grubbing Hoe Ranch, $5,500.

Lot 27, TH L1 Domino 2028, 4/13/12 by CO L1 Domino 936 to Brad Bauer, $5,250.

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