Thorstenson Hereford Ranch 2012 Production Sale |

Thorstenson Hereford Ranch 2012 Production Sale

Sale hosts Bill and Darin Thorstenson.

Thorstenson Hereford Ranch, owned by Bill and Paula Thorstenson, and their son, Darin and his wife, Danielle, hosted their biggest crowd ever for their annual production sale.

These bulls had all been videotaped and lotted before the sale. The buyers watched the video, while the bulls remained in their pens during the auction. Hereford America did an excellent job producing the video, as well as the catalog.

What a “hot” sale for the Herefords! There were many active bidders on both the bulls and the heifers. The addition of a Hereford bull on black cows is a simple way to add efficiency to your herd, and bidders were fortunate to find these high-quality Herefords to attain this cross.

Although the main focus of this sale is Herefords, the sale is complimented with a quality offering of Angus yearling bulls.

The area had received rain just ahead of the sale, and that really added to the spirits of this big crowd. The sale moved along very smoothly and this proved to be a very successful sale for the Thorstenson family.

The top-selling Hereford bull was Lot 1331, a son of THR Thor 4029. The mother to this yearling bull was a daughter of THR Thor 4144. He sold to Sidwell Herefords, Columbus, MT, for $11,500. With an 84-pound birth weight, he weaned at 714 pounds. His EPDs were BW 2.9, WW 56, YW 98, Milk 26, M&G 54, REA 0.62, and Marb 0.10.

Repeat buyer Charles Tennis, Vale, SD, chose Lot 1212 at $9,000. This son of THR Thor 4029 was out of a Wrangler daughter who had weaning ratios of 107 on her calves. With an 85-pound birth weight, this long-sided, thick bull weaned at 692 pounds.

Larry Stroschein, Mansfield, SD, bought Lot 1261 for $9,000. Here was a son of THR Thor 4029 who was out of a daughter of JA L1 Domino 500R. Born at 84 pounds, he weaned at 669 pounds, and reached a yearling weight of 1226 pounds.

Dan Schneider, Java, SD, bought two good bulls in Lot 1040 at $8,500, and Lot 1140 at $8,000. Lot 1040 was a son of 4029 and weaned at 645 pounds. Lot 1140 was a son of SR Saga 529W with a weaning weight of 715 pounds.

The top-selling Hereford heifer was Lot 1328, selling for $10,500 to XA Cattle, Moorefield, NE. She was a daughter of Thor 4029.

Taylor Sidwell bought the Lot 1305 heifer at $5,750, and she was also a daughter of Thor 4029.

Headlining the Angus portion of the sale was Lot 1201, selling for $8,500 to Terry Reuer, Hoven, SD. This bull was a son of Lemar Freightliner 101T, and was out of a Grid Maker daughter who is one of the best cows in this herd. Born at 86 pounds, he weaned at 691 pounds, and grew to a yearling weight of 1381 pounds.

XA Cattle, Moorefield, NE, also purchased Lot 1043, an Angus bull, at $7,500. Here was a son of Lemar Final Answer 67T and he hit the ground at 86 pounds. He weaned at 674 pounds

It was a great day for Thorstenson Hereford Ranch, and great hospitality for their customers!! They welcome visitors year-round for those who would like to take a look at this herd of good cattle.

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