Three die trying to save cattle in Texas wildfire |

Three die trying to save cattle in Texas wildfire

This is the story of three remarkable people who were the true definition of cowboys. They were not defined by their gender or the hats they wore. What made Sloan Everett, Cody Crockett, and Cody’s girlfriend, Sydney Wallace, real cowboys sprang from their big, unselfish hearts. And their tragic story brought the hearts of hundreds of thousands of farmers, ranchers, and agricultural enthusiasts together in a matter of hours.

It was March 6th and weather across the country was not quite normal–especially in the Texas Panhandle where the night was becoming full of light. A fire broke out in Potter County and by 4 p.m., it had spread all the way to Gray county. Residents and employees of area businesses were ordered to evacuate, but some people had more to worry about than their homes or businesses-or even their own safety. They had livestock counting on them for help.

As the flames moved closer to area ranches, the owners did what they needed to save the lives of their animals. This wasn’t as simple as moving the livestock to a different area. Many animals were already trapped by the flames and difficult decisions had to be made fast. Those already suffering were mercifully shot as their hides were being incinerated by the extreme heat. Others already lay dead from asphyxiation. Ranchers were doing whatever it took to keep their remaining animals from suffering and get them to safety.

But Everett, Crockett, and Wallace wanted to do more.

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