Three sheep-related research articles available |

Three sheep-related research articles available

Three new articles have been posted to the American Sheep Industry Association’s Sheep and Goat Research Journal. The results for each study are available by clicking on the “Research Journal” tab at Here’s a quick synopsis of each study:

• “Protein Supplementation of Low-quality Forage: Influence of Frequency of Supplementation on Ewe Performance and Lamb Nutrient Utilization,” written by C.S. Schauer, M.L. Van Emon, M.M. Thompson, D.W. Bohnert, J.S. Caton and K.K. Sedivec. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the influence of length of supplementation frequency on forage intake, digestibility, N balance, digested N retained and plasma concentration of urea-N in lambs (as a model for ewes) and reproductive performance in pregnant ewes.

• “Effect of Finishing Crossbred Meat Goats with a Similar Total Quantity of Finisher Ration Over Variable Duration,” written by M. Lema, C. Pierfax, S. Kebe and N. Adefope. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of finishing crossbred meat goats with a similar total quantity of finisher ration for 45 days, 90 days or 135 days on growth rate, chevon production (boneless-retail cut), carcass characteristics and return-over-feed cost.

• “Can Sheep and Cattle Rumen Microorganisms be Conditioned to Invasive Weeds?” written by T.R. Whitney and B.E. Olson. The objectives were to determine in vitro dry matter digestibility, rumen microbial gas production and microbial purine concentrations from invasive plants incubated with non-conditioned or conditioned rumen fluid collected from sheep or cattle.

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