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Tied up in knots

I’ve always maintained I was born a hundred years too late… now, more than ever, I’m convinced of it. We’re on a very slippery slope as America flirts with socialism in all its worst aspects.

Schemes to relieve the public of their weapons are thicker than fleas on a hound… the HSUS wallows in millions of $ in donations, deciding which branch of agriculture they should shoot down next… wolves are subsidized, an’ they’re trying to cancel all predatory animal control. Now they’re askin’ military folk if they’ll be OK with shootin’ at civilians who refuse to give up their guns.

Of course that’ll come after they pass the legislation requiring anyone who owns a gun to carry a million $ liability policy in case the thing goes off and hurts some idot… and of course if you can’t afford the insurance then you’ll be an outlaw who ought’a be shot.

It seems too doggone bad most of the common sense in the country seems to lurk out here in the hinterlands where our population isn’t dense enough to control a vote on anything… and all the population seems to lurk along the right and left coasts where people are too dense to know anything!

Then you occasionally get a good bill into the legislature and it gets jimhawed by the very authorities who should know better… you can’t help wondering if payola is involved!

You good readers in South Dakota, please realize that House Bill 1224 does ensure the protection of food safety and animal health within the state – yet it keeps the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) on a voluntary basis.

Contrary to testimony by the Nebraska state veterinarian last week before the House Agriculture Committee, HB 1224 will not impact South Dakota’s participation in federal disease management and surveillance programs such as brucellosis and TB; the AIB will be free to certify our free status for brucellosis and TB through participation in the federal programs; and South Dakota producers will continue to be able to transport livestock across state lines without the added expense and delay of disease testing. The current state law does not protect South Dakotan’s from expensive and unproductive mandates related to the NAIS program. HB 1224 will protect the voluntary nature of NAIS, protect producers from expensive, unnecessary mandates, preserve the right of private organizations to mandate NAIS participation, and preserve the right of all who choose to participate in NAIS. It is, furthermore, consistent with existing voluntary NAIS laws in Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky and Arizona.

The grassroots leadership and action group Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC) has a very informative, easily-understandable treatise on those NAIS issues on its website at http://www.worc.org/userfiles/file/WORC-NAIS-briefing-paper-11-20-08.pdf.

Any legislation causing NAIS to become mandatory instead of voluntary will precipitate a landslide of regulation and expense the ag community cannot bear. If you deal with FFA or 4H, be on your guard, lest they trick the young people into this trap.

It won’t only be hogs, sheep and cattle… it will involve horses as well. Anything that endangers the freedom of any agricultural pursuit endangers all agricultural pursuits… don’t ever forget that.

A case in point is the drive by conservationists to discontinue predator control. You can read all about that at http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2009/02/17/america/Killing-Wildlife.php, a news article from the International Herald Tribune. In spite of $125 million in losses to agriculture annually, there’s a huge clamor to abolish the U.S. Agriculture Department’s Wildlife Services. That agency, with good oversight, killed some 121,524 carnivores in 2007, more than 90,000 of those being coyotes.

We all know a coyote is more inclined to prey on sheep, goats and young or disabled cattle, than horses. However, a lot of the brouhaha is about the other carnivores that were killed… and we all know that wolves and mountain lion strongly favor horse meat. Just let the hysterical animal rightists wedge a foot in the door and start messing with the system, and the next thing we know there’ll be no kind of predator control… and no way to get any.

The USDA-administered Animal, Plant, Health Inspection Services (APHIS) manages the Wildlife Service. USDA spokeswoman Carol Bannerman said the federal agency kills predators only when livestock owners or state officials request their assistance. She said most of the time those private individuals or state agencies provide about half the funding for the effort.

“From our perspective, we certainly feel that we have a responsibility to respond to those requests,” she said from APHIS headquarters in Riverdale, MD. Bannerman said the agency is required to review each individual project “and move ahead only if there would be no long-term negative impact on the environment.”

“With that mandate… we can give people an outlet to deal with a problem that if they took into their own hands could have longer-term negative impacts,” she said.

And she’s right. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… and the system has been working.

However, someone voted in CHANGE! I sure hope they’re enjoying it… by the time we borrow a few more billion trillion bucks from China and Saudi Arabia to prop up people who bought houses they couldn’t afford in order to impress the Joneses we’ll all be wearing coolie hats and eating rice… but don’t worry, vegetarians make better lovers… I know ‘cuz PETA told me so.

This ol’ lariat rope is so tied up in knots over the CHANGE we’re blessed with on a daily basis it’ll prob’ly never catch anything again, but anyhow here comes the end.

© 2009 Rhonda Stearns

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