TJS Red Angus 11th Annual ‘Red Truck’ Sale |

TJS Red Angus 11th Annual ‘Red Truck’ Sale

TJS bulls

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick, Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 1, 2019

Location: Buffalo Livestock Auction, Buffalo, WY

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson


110 two year old bulls – $4,772

19 yearling bulls – $4,364


Lot 46 at $11,000, TJS BLOCKADE E297, DOB 5/23/17, REG#3855137, 5L BLOCKADE 2218-30B x TJS DIAMOND B114, sold to Kirkland Red Angus, Glasgow, Montana.

Lot 45 at $10,750, TJS BLOCKADE E140, DOB 5/5/17, REG#3855071, 5L BLOCKADE 2218-30B x TJS LARKABA B124, sold to Tim Dwyer, Sidney, Montana.

Lot 105 at $10,500, TJS BLOCKADE E005, DOB 2/20/17, REG#3756777, 5L BLOCKADE 2218-30B x TJS BLUE SALEE T7017, sold to Kinchen Red Angus, Kaycee, Wyoming.

Lot 1 at $10,500, TJS EMPIRE E045, DOB 4/27/17, REG#3855063, 5L BLOCKADE 2218-30B x TJS ANNABELLE A350, sold to Jerry Jeffries, Checotah, Oklahoma.

Lot 57 at $10,000, TJS ROCKY E041, DOB 4/27/17, REG#3855143, BADLANDS CINCHED 521C x TJS ROXXY B035, sold to Bud Reed, Lance Creek, Wyoming.

Lot 7 at $10,000, TJS DUTCH E064, DOB 4/29/17, REG#3854987, 5L BLOCKADE 2218-30B x TJS DUCHESS A273, sold to Mike Cats, Prairie View, Kansas.


Lot 136 at $6,500, TJS BLOCKADE F100, DOB 2/8/18, REG#4025796, 5L BLOCKADE 2218-30B x LR CHARLIE 2109, sold to Clear Bent Bar, Leiter, Wyoming

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