TJS Red Angus 12th Annual “Red Truck” Sale |

TJS Red Angus 12th Annual “Red Truck” Sale

Katie Ochsner with the Red Angus Association of America and Craig Bieber from Leola, South Dakota visiting before the sale.

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Feb. 7, 2020

Location: Buffalo Livestock Auction, Buffalo, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson


86 Red Angus Bulls – $5,122

10 Black Bulls – $2,875

61 Bred Heifers – $1,711

TJS Red Angus brought a large offering of age-advantaged bulls and females to town for the 12th Annual “Red Truck” Sale, held at Buffalo Livestock Auction in Buffalo, Wyoming, Friday February 7, 2020. TJS Red Angus has built a program with the commercial man in mind by focusing on genetic traits that help increase the bottom line and providing great customer service. Congratulations to the Shick family and crew on a great sale!

Lot 2 at $11,500, TJS DARKHORSE F005, 4/21/18, 9 MILE FRANCHISE 6305 x TJS SADIE C242, sold to C-T Red Angus, Manhattan, Montana.

Lot 5 at $11,000, TJS GATE KEEPER F106, 5/3/18, BADLANDS CINCHED 521C x TJS LARKABA B137, sold to Bieber Red Angus, Leola, South Dakota.

Lot 7 at $10,000, TJS MERLOT F275, 5/21/18, RED U2 MALBEC 1925D x TJS MS DESIGN A044, sold to Dana Fitzhugh, Douglas, Wyoming.

Lot 1 at $9500, TJS JACKPOT F145, 5/6/18, 9 MILE FRANCHISE 6305 x TJS DIAMOND B114, sold to Dwyer Red Angus, Sidney, Montana.

Lot 37 at $9250, CJS FRANCHIS F444, 6/24/18, 9 MILE FRANCHISE 6305 x DUNN DAISY J B436, sold to Dwyer Red Angus, Sidney, Montana.

Top Registered Female:

Lot 156 at $3500, TJS RED STAR D154, 5/16/18, LEACHMAN PLEDGE A2827 x TJS RED STAR Y311, sold to Jocko Valley Cattle Company, Arlee, Montana.

Top Commercial Bred Heifers:

$1725 x 50 Head