TK Angus 2012 Bull Sale |

TK Angus 2012 Bull Sale

Auctioneer Ty Thompson and sale host Tim Marlatt at the 24th Annual TK Angus Bull Sale.
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Tim and Kim Marlatt along with their family held their 24th annual bull sale at their ranch outside Gordon, NE.

TK Angus has shifted their program to a fall-calving cowherd, thus providing their customers the added value of coming two-year-old bulls.

Another big stride in the TK Angus program was the introduction of a red-carrier Charolais bull. Tim uses him on purebred Angus cows to provide his customers the opportunity of a half-blood black composite bull. Customer acceptance was high on these rugged bulls, as they sold well.

Topping this year’s sale was Lot 13, an Aug. 19, 2010, son of Connealy Deep Canyon. He sold for $9,500 to Whitestone-Krebs, Gordon, NE.

Lot 7 also sold for $9,500 to LBS Angus, Fortuna, ND. He is an Aug. 6, 2010 son of SydGen Mandate 6079.

LBS Angus struck again at $8,500 to own Lot 98, a Sept. 20, 2010 son of Connealy Concrete.

Another high-selling bull was Lot 73, an Aug. 26, 2010 son of SAV Net Worth 4200. Rex Nelson of Gordon, NE had the winning bid at $8,000.

The high-selling yearling Angus bull was Lot 117, a Feb. 4, 2011 son of SAV Free Spirit 8164. LBS Angus, Fortuna, ND bid $8,000 to own this herd sire prospect.

The high-selling black Charolais bull was Lot 31, an Aug. 18, 2010 son SDC Triple Threat. He sold to Jed Doetker, Wauneta, NE for $6,500.

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