Tobol to announce 2009 NRCA Championship Finals Rodeo |

Tobol to announce 2009 NRCA Championship Finals Rodeo

Ronan, MT
Reed Tobol |

The Northwest Ranch Cowboys Association, a regional professional rodeo organization with rodeos sanctioned in Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota and Nebraska, is pleased to announce that Reed Tobol of Ronan, MT, area rodeo cowboy and Ag Communications major at Northwest College in Powell, WY, has been selected to be one of the announcers at the 2009 NRCA Championship Finals Rodeo, Trade Show and Convention. The event will be held at the CamPlex in Gillette, WY on Nov. 27-29, 2009.

“The NRCA Championship Finals will be a great experience for me,” says Tobol. “I am very excited to be a part of this great organization and their Championship Finals Rodeo.”

Growing up on a family farm west of Ronan, MT where his family produces spring wheat and certified seed potatoes seems an unlikely background for this rising young star.

“My father contested in the rough stock events when he was young, plus, what youngsters growing up in Montana, a state who has produced scores of World Champion cowboys, don’t have some interest in the sport?” he says.

Tobol’s announcing career began four years ago when he became the voice of dirt track racing and high school play-by-play action around Ronan and Kalispell, MT. His natural abilities caught the attention of professional rodeo announcer Barney Sheridan, who took Tobol under his wing, helping him develop his own style.

“I really admire Barney Sheridan,” says Tobol, “because he has taken so much time from his schedule to help me whenever and wherever I need it. He has gotten me more involved with rodeo announcing and believes I will go far with my rodeo announcing career.”

Other notable professionals in the sport of rodeo couldn’t agree more. PRCA Gold Card announcer Jim Thompson, after observing him at the Knuckle Saloon PBR in Sturgis, SD this summer, lauded Tobol.

“He’s intelligent, easy to understand on the microphone, observant so that he can react to changes as they occur, does his homework so he’s prepared when he gets there, and interested in not only announcing, but helping you achieve your goals with the event,” says Thompson. “I would imagine he’ll only get better… and in more demand.”

NRCA Personnel Director and professional rodeo clown Mike McFarland, who has worked with Tobol this past year, calls him “a natural.”

“Some announcers work for years to get to the level Reed is at right now,” says McFarland. “This young man can very easily get on the fast track to a stellar rodeo career.”

And what does his family think about this fast track Tobol is on?

“Both my family and my girlfriend are very supportive and excited about my announcing career,” says Tobol. “They believe I can go far. I am the first in my family to have an interest in rodeo announcing, so of course everyone is always curious about my job and are willing to talk with me about it often.”

Down the road Tobol envisions a bright future for himself in the arena of life.

“I really hope things work in my favor and I am a full time professional rodeo announcer doing what I love,” he says. “Ranching, farming, talking, living life.”

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