Top 10 stories of 2010 on America’s Horse Daily |

Top 10 stories of 2010 on America’s Horse Daily

10. A horse registration survival guide from our FAQ expert Kayla Randall –

9. In health news, learn about an innovative treatment for sarcoids in horses –

8. Another health update: Dr. Thomas Lenz weighs in on feeding flaxseed –

7. A free report from tack expert Dennis Moreland explaining how to tie a bowline knot, which is a great knot for tying leadropes –

6. Our youth news section teaches you how to make the ever-popular mop ponies –

5. Dennis Moreland is back with another free report on how to correctly fasten a rope halter –

4. More free reports: How to build your own mounting block –

3. Can you name all 17 AQHA-recognized coat colors? Download our free horse color and markings chart and you’ll be able to –

2. Be awed by a slideshow of amazing western art that was part of our America’s Horse in Art show & sale –

1. A free report with step-by-step instructions and photos on how to make your own rope halter –


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