Topp Herefords Annual Production Sale |

Topp Herefords Annual Production Sale

John, Tucker and Griffin Hemmer, Flandreau, SD; Jared Nielsen Trent, SD.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 8, 2019

Location: at the Ranch, Grace City, ND

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


144 Polled Hereford Bulls – $10,934

24 Registered Open Heifers – $5,864

9 Registered Bred heifers – $4,805

Great sale! The seats were full of buyers on a very cold North Dakota day for Topp Herefords.

Lot 95 at $175,000 TH 57B Strategy 183F, Dob 2-10-2018, Reg P43920493, KCF Bennett Strategy x TH 512X 145Y

Dominette 57B ST Genetics Lavisota, TX.

Lot 23 at $45,000 TH 39B 358C Pioneer 48F, Dob 1-12-2018, Reg P43919699, TH 403A 475Z Pioneer 368C x TH432Y 0220 Loretta 39B, sold to Parker Brothers, Bradyville,TN.

Lot 31 at $20,000, TH 745A 358C Pioneer 297F, Dob 3-17-2018, Reg P43920548, TH 403A 475Z Pioneer 358C x Rangeline 11Y Miss World 745A, sold to Alta Genetics, Baraboo,WI.

Lot 97 at $18,000, TH 533B Strategy 74F, Dob 1-15-2018, Reg P43920040, KCF Bennett Stategy Z303 x TH 506X 145YDominette 533B, sold to Springdale Polled Herefords, Decorah, IA.

Lot 81 at $16,500, TH 90U EL Dorado 73F, Dob 1-15-2018, Reg P43919664, Th A 208 39B EL Dorado 57D x TH 80N 45P Gemini 90U sold to Dales Homestead Farms, Cargill, OH.

Top Selling Female

Lot 151 at $28,000, Th 312A 358C Reliance 60F, Dob 1-14-2018, Reg P43920033, sold to Springdale Farms Decorah, IA and Kim and Mary Mansfield, Australia.