Training slated for forage inspectors |

Training slated for forage inspectors

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) will conduct a Weed Seed Free Forage Inspector Training and Refresher Course, Tuesday, April 28, at the Northern Great Plains Research Center, 1701 10th Ave. SW, Mandan.

“Certified weed seed-free forage is now required on most public lands in North Dakota, including state and national parks, national grasslands and other federal property,” said Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring. “Inspectors are needed to help producers of weed seed-free forage meet the growing demand for certified hay, straw and mulch.”

Goehring said the course, including a final examination, is required for anyone wanting certification as a forage inspector, as well as all current inspectors. NDDA now has 18 forage inspectors under contract.

The course begins at 1 p.m. with NDDA plant protection specialist Lane Kozel explaining inspection procedures and the goals of the program. At 1:30 p.m., North Dakota State University range scientist Dr. Kevin Sedivec will describe national and state lists of designated noxious weed and undesirable plant species.

The final examination will be administered after a short break and review session.

The course is free of charge. Persons interested in participating should contact Lane Kozel at (701) 328-2250 or


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