TransCanada responds to potential incident on Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota |

TransCanada responds to potential incident on Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota

TransCanada is currently investigating a potential incident along its Keystone pipeline right-of-way approximately four miles from its Freeman pump station in Hutchinson County, South Dakota.

The potential incident was first reported at approximately 12:30 p.m. CST (11:30 a.m. MST) on April 2, 2016. TransCanada immediately began the process to shut down the pipeline, activate its emergency response procedures and dispatch ground crews to assess the situation. Crews initially found visible signs of oil on a small surface area.

TransCanada is in the process of removing the oil and investigating the source. No significant impact to the environment has been observed and our investigation continues.

Landowners and local agencies in the area have been notified and we continue to work cooperatively with all parties.

Regulatory agencies have been notified and we are working cooperatively on the investigation.

TransCanada will provide regular updates to the appropriate regulatory and government agencies as we continue with clean-up efforts.

Keystone customers have been notified the pipeline will remain shut down while TransCanada continues these efforts.

For more information:

Community Information Line: 1-855-895-8754


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