Trichomoniasis Special Focus Area Rescinded by Wyoming Livestock Board |

Trichomoniasis Special Focus Area Rescinded by Wyoming Livestock Board

During the Wyoming Livestock Board meeting held 03/16 in Lyman, WY, the Board rescinded Board Order No. 2017-01 that defined the Trichomoniasis Special Focus Area #1 in southwest Wyoming and required annual Trichomoniasis tests of all bulls in that area that were not still nursing their dams. Trichomoniasis has not been detected in Wyoming since the fall of 2016 while the number of bulls tested has remained roughly constant since 2011. Ranchers operating in the Special Focus Area believe that Board Order No. 2017-01 enabled them to successfully get Trichomoniasis under control in that area and is therefore no longer needed. The Special Focus Area included all of Uinta County, most of Lincoln County, and Sweetwater County south of I-80. The order, a map showing the Special Focus Area, and the Wyoming Trichomoniasis Rules are available at in the “Animal Health Rules” section under the picture of the brockle-faced calf.

With Board Order 2017-01 rescinded, the Special Focus Area is now subject to the general Wyoming Trichomoniasis Rules specified in Chapter 15 and Import Rules specified in Chapter 8. In summary, those import rules require negative Trichomoniasis tests for all non-virgin bulls and all bulls 18 months of age and older to enter Wyoming. The Trichomoniasis rules require a negative test for all non-virgin bulls and all bulls 24 months of age and older to either change ownership (including lease) or turn out for breeding on communal grazing allotments. Ranchers on a communal grazing allotment can exclude their bulls from Trichomoniasis testing requirements by submitting a written exemption request to the Wyoming State Veterinarian signed by all participants in that allotment.

“We are extremely proud of our veterinarians and producers who have worked diligently to resolve the Trichomoniasis issues in southwest Wyoming,” added Dr. Hallie Hasel, Wyoming State Veterinarian. “Our Wyoming Chapter 15 Trichomoniasis Rules will continue the needed vigilance to aid in prevention of future outbreaks.”

For further information regarding Trichomoniasis rules in Wyoming, please visit the website,, or contact the Wyoming Livestock Board office directly via phone, 307.840.1389, or email,

–Wyoming Livestock Board

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