Trump serves fast food to North Dakota State team |

Trump serves fast food to North Dakota State team

President Donald Trump served a buffet of fast food again in the White House on Monday, this time to the championship North Dakota State University Bison football team.

Trump served a similar meal to the Clemson Tigers in January.

“We could’ve had chefs, we could’ve. But we got fast food because we know what — I know you people very well, OK?,” the president said.

“And I’m going to finish this quick because we’ve got to get that stuff, although it’s being kept pretty warm,” the president told the players, indicating a table full of food from McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A.

When Trump asked Bison Coach Matt Entz, a native of Waterloo, Iowa, to say something on the occasion, the coach referred to his agricultural roots.

“This is a little different setting than what I’m used to speaking in. Usually it’s more locker-room-like,” Entz said. “But hard to believe a farm kid from Iowa speaking in the White House.”

“Folks, go and eat up,” Trump said at the conclusion of his remarks.

North Dakota Sens. John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer and Rep. Kelly Armstrong, all Republicans, were present.

“On behalf of all the people of North Dakota, Mr. President, thank you for acknowledging this incredible accomplishment,” Cramer said at the White House.

“The folks in North Dakota, the folks in Bison nation, are not tired of winning and never will be tired of winning. This team really epitomizes the incredible culture of our great state, and we couldn’t be better represented.”

Axios declared serving fast food to football teams “a new White House tradition,” citing an Associated Press story noting that Trump served a similar spread that included hundreds of hamburgers to Clemson’s players in January.

–The Hagstrom Report