Trump still without an ag secretary: No one represents ag in Presidential transition exercise |

Trump still without an ag secretary: No one represents ag in Presidential transition exercise

No one represents ag in transition exercise

Here’s what happens when the Agriculture secretary resigns a little early and the new administration has not nominated a secretary.

The White House on Friday afternoon convened a transition exercise with members of President-elect Donald Trump’s team and Cabinet designees together with current senior White House, Cabinet, and agency leaders on crisis management, but no one from the Obama administration’s Agriculture Department or the Trump agricultural transition team participated.

“The exercise provided a high-level perspective on a series of challenges that the next administration may face and introduced the key authorities, policies, capabilities, and structures that are currently in place to respond to major domestic incidents,” the White House said in a readout of the event.

“Members of President [Barack] Obama’s team shared experiences and lessons from incident responses they experienced, and both sides discussed a number of response scenarios together. Participants agreed that the exercise was productive and advanced the shared goal of conducting the most professional and seamless transition possible.”

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack resigned Friday and left town, with acting Deputy Secretary Michael Scuse designated the acting secretary. Trump has not nominated an Agriculture secretary.

Vilsack’s departure Friday was fairly widely noted in the news media. A USDA official said Vilsack was already on a plane to Iowa when his note to USDA employees was published, the Associated Press reported.

–The Hagstrom Report

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