Trump to give consideration to admitting Argentine lemons |

Trump to give consideration to admitting Argentine lemons

At a White House news conference with Argentine President Mauricio Macri, President Donald Trump said today he is giving serious consideration to admitting Argentine lemons into the United States.

The Obama administration had made plans to end a 16-year ban on the Argentine fruit, but, in a gesture to U.S. growers, Trump stopped the process.

After Trump praised Macri, a center-right politician, a reporter asked, “If he’s such a good president, Mr. President, are you going to let the lemons – the Argentine lemons – in, in your country? They are very good. People will love you if you let them in.”

Trump answered, “I know about all the lemons. And believe it or not, the lemon business is a big, big business.”

The reporter replied, “Just say yes!”

Trump added, “But we are going to give that very serious consideration. One of the reasons he’s here is about lemons, and I’ll tell him about North Korea, and he’ll tell me about lemons. I think that we’re going to be very favorably disposed. We’re going to be talking.”

In a joint statement, the White House said, “The two leaders underscored their continuing commitment to expanding trade and investment between the United States and Argentina. Recognizing the importance of trade in agricultural products to the United States-Argentina bilateral economic relationship, the presidents directed their Cabinets to expeditiously chart a path forward to resolve pending bilateral agricultural issues, based on scientific principles and international standards. The leaders further expressed their desire to see significant future growth in two-way trade of agricultural and industrial products to the benefit of producers and consumers in both countries.”

Neither the Argentine agriculture minister nor Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue was present at the White House luncheon at which lemons were discussed.

At the same news conference, Trump said he would not withdraw from NAFTA.

Macri is hosting the G20 summit next year, and Trump said he anticipates attending.

–The Hagstrom Report

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