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TSLN hires Ginkens to serve MT, WY

Reach Dennis Ginkens at: 406-670-9839 or dginkens@tsln-fre.com

Look no further than Billings, Montana, if you are wondering where to find Tri-State Livestock News’ freshest face.

Already familiar with the livestock and people around the Billings area, Dennis Genkins looks forward to talking to friends and new acquaintances about Tri-State Livestock News. He will cover Montana and Wyoming and is excited to tell those ranchers that Tri-State Livestock News isn’t just for South Dakota anymore.

“I think we need to get more readership, more distribution out here and the rest will take care of itself,” he said.

Genkins has spent a lifetime making acquaintance with horse and cattle folks across the region.

Born and raised in Washington, Iowa, Genkins said he showed horses and pigs as a 4-Her, and eventually found his niche training and showing cutting horses.

“I kept advancing myself in the horse industry,” he explained. “It led me to a lot of different doors.

“I showed horses from Minnesota to Texas, from Arizona to the East Coast – we traveled wherever there was an event.” Genkins

Eventually, after gaining an interest not only in the riding and showing of horses, but also in the sale of them, Genkins signed up for the auctioneer school at Mason City, Iowa. After learning the auctioneer chant, he worked the ring and occasionally took the microphone at local salebarns; meanwhile he served as a ringman at more and more horse sales across the country.

He later found success hosting automobile auctions, calling three per week at his peak. All the while he was training, showing and selling a few top notch cutting horses, along with working more and more horse sales.

It was probably unavoidable. A man who loved horses and the sale of them would eventually find his way to Billings. Genkins eventually commuted to the Billings horse sale to auctioneer and work the ring on a regular basis. Finally, he said good-bye to Iowa and made Billings his home about four years ago.

Since he moved to Montana, Genkins has been able to feed his passion for the cattle industry.

“Billings is a hub for the livestock industry,” he said. “There is a lot of opportunity here in Montana and Wyoming to get more and more involved with the purebred auctions and horse sales.”

Dennis and his wife Holly have two sons and two daughters: Logan, Matt, Jolyssa and Kaylea.

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