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TSLN & The Fence Post welcome Schlegel to the team

Danielle Schlegel is the audience engagement coordinator for Tri-State Livestock News and The Fence Post. She lives near Whitewood, South Dakota, with her husband and dogs. Courtesy photo.

Equally at home horseback, behind a camera at Central States Fair’s Pen of Three, reading a research paper on cattle production, developing best practices for creating e-newsletters or affixing a GoPro to a cowboy, Danielle Schlegel brings a diverse background and set of skills to Tri-State Livestock News and The Fence Post.

Schlegel is the audience development coordinator for the two companies. Her job entails working with both editorial and advertising content to develop online audiences and to make sure the content the two publications produce is relevant and easy to find in the wide world of the internet. “Basically, I work in digital quality control to ensure that we are putting our best digital foot forward,” she said.

Sabrina Poppe, publisher for both TSLN and The Fence Post, said, “Danielle has an infectious, tenacious passion for agriculture. We feel lucky to have found her, with her varied experience and diverse talents. She’ll be instrumental in moving our publications, websites and services in the progressive direction our readers and customers are seeking from us.”

The Texas native grew up one generation removed from agriculture, but wasted no time getting back to her roots. She was involved with horses growing up, but spent her childhood in an urban area. “I appreciate the opportunities I had growing up in such a populated corner of Texas, however, I never felt ‘at home’ until I got into less populated parts of the country.”

She and her husband, Ethan, live near Whitewood, South Dakota, so Danielle feels right at home now. She works out of the TSLN office in Belle Fourche and in her spare time she enjoys exploring the Black Hills, traveling, working dogs, photography and riding horses.

When it came time to choose a vocation, Schlegel knew she wanted to be involved in agriculture, but also knew her background with and love of horses was better pursued as a hobby than a career.

“After some soul searching, I realized that my contribution to the industry, specifically beef but agriculture in general, could be a culmination of my affinity for journalism and academics/sciences, which is how I landed in the master’s program that I did.”

Schlegel attended Texas Tech University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, then went on to Kansas State University to earn a Masters of Science in Agriculture Education and Communications.

She’s putting both degrees to use for Tri-State Livestock News and The Fence Post. Schlegel started out as a content development intern, taking a video camera and a GoPro (small video camera that can be operated hands-free) to area events last summer, creating video content for the publications’ online audiences. That’s how she came to spend part of her summer figuring out how to get a GoPro to stay on a cowboy hat. Her entertaining account of that experience is recounted on Tri-State Livestock News’ working horse blog, Cavvy Savvy (cavvysavvy.com/blog/goprodeo/).

Last fall she joined the teams on a permanent basis. The position is helping accomplish her professional goals and build toward her goal of being personally involved in the beef industry. “My goal is to help facilitate the growing conversation among producers and also between producers and consumers. Right now, I am primarily focused on how to do so on the producer-to-producer front. Personally, I want to also be financially invested in the beef industry by way of owning cattle one day.”

While Schlegel knows that the ag industry is where she belongs, she likes the opportunity to have many diverse projects to work on as part of her daily tasks. “I enjoy being a catalyst for growth opportunities with our publications. I also enjoy that my day-to-day is not the same. I am a jack of many trades, master of none, but I get to dabble in a lot of those many trades on a regular basis. I appreciate that my role with these publications allows me the opportunity to always be doing something different.”

As for the state of the ag industry and the challenges ahead, she has a firm grasp of what producers will be dealing with. “Change is inevitable but never easy,” she says. “With a hyper-focused lens oriented on agriculturalists worldwide, a unique and never-before-seen collaboration and trust between producers and consumers will be necessary to feed such a huge population in the next 25-50 years in any sort of harmony. Harmonious co-existence among people of widely varied opinions and philosophies is historically rare. However, agriculturalists have a new opportunity to work through the hiccups, build consumer trust, and still put sufficient food on the plates of our growing population. At the end of the day, we all have to eat and pay our bills. What varies is how we bring home the bacon.”

You can reach Danielle at dschlegel@tsln-fre.com or 785-770-6503.

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