TSLN welcomes Klein, Schreier

Tri-State Livestock News is excited to introduce two new staff members. Sentel Schreier, circulation coordinator and Kelly Klein, eastern North Dakota/eastern South Dakota field representative.

Publisher Bree Poppe looks forward to getting to know Schreier better, and believes she will be the perfect mix of enthusiasm, passion and work ethic. “Schreier is a Belle Fourche native, and her dedication to the livestock industry is obvious. At Tri-State Livestock News, many of our staff members work two full time jobs – on the ranch, and for the paper. This keeps us tied to the industry and keeps the passion and drive for profitability front and center.”

Schreier says she has always been an employee of Johnson Sheep and Cattle – the family ranch north of Belle Fourche. “I was also a Spanish and English teacher at Black Hills Christian Academy for three years before I applied to TSLN,” she said.

“As a teacher, I am passionate about education and the importance of the written word. But as a 4th generation sheep and cattle woman, I am especially passionate about agriculture. Working at the Tri-State allows me to utilize my passions on a daily basis. I can remember from an early age dad checking the sale reports in the paper or reading a copy over coffee and eggs at the Belle Inn. It amazed me how I could read articles about local 4-H kids to articles on foreign trade in one place. Reading about markets in the Tri-State is in part what led me to pursue a degree in Economics at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD,” she said.

Schreier’s passion for food production is obvious. “I believe agriculture is the heartbeat of a healthy nation. The more local the food the supply, the healthier the people. We humans are not meant to be so disconnected from the soil – it affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In our nation, there is a great chasm between rural and urban America. A lot of this has to do with a lack of education and participation in the daily struggles ag folks go through to put food on the shelves. TSLN provides crucial information for ag folks as well as city folks. As circulation coordinator, I hope to get more papers in the hands of urban Americans so they can vote with their dollars towards American grown food sources. I think non- ag folks need to hear about what’s happening to American agriculture from the folks who actually live and love on the land— and not from corporate CEOs or career politicians. TSLN provides a vital medium for rancher/farmer voices to be heard.”

Schreier looks forward to making connections with the current staff. “I’m looking forward to working with this group because my colleagues at the Tri-State are invested in agriculture themselves. They are advocates for the industry we all cherish and strive to preserve.”

Schreier is busy beyond the ranch and TSLN! “My husband Nathan and I are celebrating one year of marriage on the 31st of July! In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, cooking delicious lamb chops, and acting in Belle Fourche Area Community Theater shows. Come see ‘You Can’t Take it With You’ August 19- 21.”

Schreier will help with circulation and other office duties and can be reached at 605-580-6216


Sentel Schreier

TSLN publisher Bree Poppe said Kelly Klein will bring new life to the eastern North Dakota and eastern South Dakota region of Tri-State Livestock News readership. “We are finding that our readers in the eastern Dakotas really appreciate Tri-State Livestock News for its hard-hitting news and dedication to producer and feeder profitability in the eastern Dakotas. We are excited to have this native North Dakotan on staff to provide services for our dedicated readers and clients in that region,” she said.

Director of field services and fieldmen Scott Dirk said he looks forward to working with Klein. “With his extensive background and the history in the livestock industry, Kelly will no doubt be a great asset to Tri-State Livestock News,” said Dirk.

Klein is no newcomer to the industry.

“I’ve been in the auction business for 20 years,” said the LaMoure rancher and auctioneer who has a meaningful history in the livestock marketing industry, having worked in different positions for livestock auction barns in eastern North Dakota. “As a second generation auctioneer, I’ve sold many cattle, horses, antique and farm machinery sales across the country. I auctioned cattle in West Fargo, North Dakota for 16 years and managed the auction barn for four of those years. I’m currently auctioning cattle at Napoleon Livestock in Napoleon, North Dakota.

“I am looking forward to joining the TSLN team as I feel their publications are second to none and are a stand out in our rural communities,” said Klein.

“My goals for this position are to provide a strong service to the cattlemen in the industry, and to help promote the product they’re raising. I look forward to working with everyone so we can together make your sale or event a great success,” he said.

Klein has believed in Tri-State Livestock News for many years. “I feel that TSLN is a must for everyone. Their hard work and dedication in serving and promoting the cattle industry goes far beyond just the cattleman. I look forward to meeting everyone up and down the trail. Have a safe and blessed summer as we watch the calves grow and start to plan your next event,” he said. To reach Kelly, call him at 701-320-5817 or e-mail him at

Kelly Klein

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